“The worst tourists — the Arabs and the poles.” Confessions of a Turkish hotel management


Khalid A. almost 10 years in Turkish hotels — first in the beach resort of Kemer, then in Istanbul. The attitude of the tourists and to the tourists, above which are the hoteliers to earn more on the state of the tourism industry of Turkey she said Aifi.

About moving to Turkey

In Kyrgyzstan, where I was born, jobs difficult to find, especially the woman. We have assumed that the woman must bear children and stay at home to farm. I gave birth to children (I have two daughters), and the economy of led, but I always wanted to work and bring money into the family home to sit in the four walls was unbearable for me.

In my hometown I have not had a permanent job, and were paid very little, and I’m in the 2000’s went to Moscow. Worked in a grocery store, there lived, sometimes for weeks worked without days off. On money wasted (I simply didnt have time for it) and all your income I was sent home. Then Kyrgyzstan was more difficult than it is now, officially, be in Russia, it was not the Customs Union. I worked illegally and got deported.

“The worst colleagues — poles”. The history of Russian Lithuanian, who went to London

When I returned to Kyrgyzstan, acquaintances invited me to work as a maid in Turkey. As decent jobs and wages in my town I don’t Shine, I agreed.

About the job about the cheating tourists

My hotel career, I started in a three star hotel in Kemer. The first four months I was cleaning the rooms. It’s a hell of a job, despite the fact that after departure we did not wash the bathroom and the shower not scrubbed them clean the toilet. Cleaning toilets was carried out every two weeks, once a month, depending on the degree of contamination. And it was not my whim and not my colleagues, it was a master — after all, if we are still glasses, plates and toilets were clean, he would have to pay more.

I understand that it’s wrong, but at least try to vacuum the 30 rooms at 20 meters, you whole body will ache and you will not go from enthusiasm to scrub the bathroom. And maids are not just vacuuming, they wipe dust from furniture, change bedding, be sure to look under beds and other secluded places — do not forget the guests there in their swimwear or empty bottles.

Ammonia and lice. The former housekeeper about how clean the rooms in hotels

Anyone who moves in at budget hotels, I can recommend to take a shower in rubber Slippers or to use anti-fungal agent.

In our hotel was not all inclusive, were half Board — Breakfast and dinner. The owner was the brother of the farmer, food for the meals purchased from him, it was very good, fresh, tasty products. Sometimes those meals that are not eaten yesterday, we passed on today’s buffet. Of course, no salads or dried up half-eaten peaches was not. We at home don’t throw it in the trash the dishes, which were prepared yesterday, so what’s wrong with the hotel these products were used again?

I know four languages — Russian, Kyrgyz, English and Turkish. Because of this I quickly got a seat at the reception. If you think this job is easy, sit down and smile to visitors, you are mistaken. The situations are different, and people are on vacation, they do not want problems, they want to relax, and if they are in the room suddenly came the mosquitoes, they can create a scandal. Then you need to have nerves of steel so a hundred times a day to hear complaints and not break.

Over time I have learned in appearance of the family to determine will be with them in trouble or not. Troubled tourists, I settled in unimportant rooms with a courtyard view or with poor acoustics. Get the key from the normal rooms was only paying him a few dollars, but I never begged for money, such prize has always been the initiative of the hotel.

In Kemer, I worked for four years. Then I wrote my friend that they had in the hotel in Istanbul was hiring Manager. For the money this was cheaper, plus I wanted to have my children educated in Istanbul, and I would’ve been there.

“The Russians saved our season.” As Turkey once again meets our tourists

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The new hotel did not cooperate with travel agencies, visitors came to us independently, reserving a room online. We had to leave rave reviews about the hotel. On some sites this could be done by simply registering on the other, the right to leave a review was given only to those users who booked the hotel. What did we do? In the off-season we booked rooms on their own, for one day, and then quietly left the reviews. So we ensured the hotel a very good rating.

Tourists, I would advise not to always pay attention to the rating of the hotel — it can be high or low artificially (I know cases where the same scheme was booked in the hotels of competitors and write terrible reviews, not true).

About tourists

I love the Russians as a nation, but I don’t like Russian tourists. Here comes to you the people in the store buying vegetables, talking politely, and then this same man comes to your hotel as a tourist and behaves quite differently. I noticed that tourists from Russia look down on others, saying, “we’re the coolest, we bought a ticket”, but somehow such people do not think here are the same guests — they all bought a ticket.

To go on vacation and stay alive. The problem of Russian tourists abroad

Arriving at the resort, Russians rarely speak English, so all their complaints, scandals, assaults passed through me. But unlike the rest of the travelers, Russian quarreling, cooled, and then come to apologize, I know they’re not evil, just unique. To me the Russians treated very well.

There were guests both from the edge of starvation, was dragged out of the hotel all — fruit with Breakfast, Slippers, and after the departure of one family we found loss cheap pictures of rooms.

But it’s nothing compared to the Arabs. Every time complain about them, I say: “You Muslims, why you do not love them”. And I answer: “Because they’re pigs.” Here who feels the masters of life, they can. Money they have a lot, but still come to the hotel and ask for discounts, then settled into a single room seven — ten, and so dirtied the room that it is time to do major repairs. After them exactly and had to clean the bathroom and the toilet.

Still very unpleasant poles. My rating of problem guests, they take second place. If we colonized to the family of the poles, I already know in advance — not the day, so no beef with them. They swear on any occasion, the food is a little on the Breakfast, the Internet does not work, the towels they are not changed every day (however you home every day the towels and bed linen are changed?). By the way, the Breakfast, the poles are constantly trying to take food with them, which is forbidden. We used to have in the dining room hung a notice about what products to make with him cannot, in two languages — English and Turkish, then hung for another Polish. Steal become smaller.

Stay in the top three. Turkey welcomes returning Russian tourists

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About alcohol

For some reason everyone thinks that drink is stronger than all the Russian, and the Russians, it seems, still proud of it. But the biggest problems with drunk Russians I have never had. But there were a lot of problems with the British, they do not know the steps and can’t drink. How many times they were sick in elevators, in rooms, in lobby, I will not even list.

There were the British, who drunk was a danger to others, provoked fights, molested the girls. With them then was investigated by the police.

About relations of Russia and Turkey

The fact that something bad planned in the relations between Turkey and Russia, I was anticipating for half a year before the plane was shot down, and Russia has banned the tourists to come to Turkey.

In the summer of 2015, the face of Vladimir Putin on Turkish TV you can see often than Erdogan. The media are constantly “soaked” Russia for its support of Bashar al-Assad, claimed that Moscow is sponsoring the Kurds. People like prepared for the fact that Russia at any time can make something vile of Turkey. And when the military shot down a Russian plane, the incident was served with sauce “now the Russians will cut off our gas.”

The tourism industry is already in not the best condition, and after these events, the number of tourists not only from Russia stopped. We have had several terrorist attacks, there was spread information that in Turkey, the militants fall to Islamic state (not a terrorist group — ed.) was an attempt of a military coup. It is no wonder that travelers are afraid to come to Turkey.

Husband beats, and the Consul was silent. How is life in the Slav in Turkey?

At first, in Istanbul I earned good money, but then the owner started having problems with money, payments were delayed, and when “closed Russia”, we go several months were without pay. Had nowhere to go — around the same picture, and lived and ate, my colleagues and I in our hotel. It was certainly a difficult time, but no one died of hunger, the most important thing.

Plans for the future

Now for personal reasons I returned to Kyrgyzstan. My eldest daughter stayed in Istanbul, she wants to live in Turkey. And I doubt, at my age, it would be nice to have a steady income and a job, and this is clearly not the Turkish tourism industry.

I managed to save up a little money to relax, to recover and to think about plans for the future. Maybe even back to Russia.

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