Tillerson denied reports about his early retirement

U. S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, commenting on reports of his possible resignation, said that he was “not going anywhere” and will continue to lead the state Department, “until, until he will allow this President”

Rex Tillerson

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The head of The US state Department Rex Tillerson before the meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Mohammed bin Abdel Rahman al-Thani told reporters that he was not going to resign as Secretary of state and will occupy this position “as long as he will allow this President”.

To a question from reporters about how the Secretary of state along with U. S. President Donald trump, Tillerson responded that he has a good relationship with the head of state.

That Tillerson may leave his post, on Tuesday, July 25, reported CNN. According to sources, the American television channel from the entourage of the diplomat, the foreign Minister will resign from his post due to ongoing disagreements with President trump.

CNN reported about the possible resignation Tillerson


In particular, specify the interlocutors, discontent Tillerson called the statements of the President on the Minister of justice Jeff Sense, in which he called unfair to him that the head of the Ministry of justice refused all decisions related to the investigation of the alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

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Sources Reuters, in turn, clarify that Tillerson also not satisfied that he cannot be independent in their decisions. The head of The state Department indicates the Agency is “very upset <…> because of the lack of the ability to perform work that is traditionally”.

The US state Department denied reports about the resignation of Secretary of state Tillerson


Yesterday, 25 July, reports about the possible resignation Tillerson also denied, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert. She also assured that the head of American diplomacy, by contrast, enjoys the support of trump.

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