To the wife through a notary? In Sweden adopted a new law on sex

Starting in July 2018 private life of the citizens of Sweden will undergo drastic changes. Anyone who wants to come into close contact with the partner, shall first obtain from him a firm, explicit consent. Otherwise, the hapless lover of romance are threatened by criminal liability for rape.

The “principle of consent”

As informs German edition of Focus, the Swedish Parliament adopted a new law designed to protect women from sexual violence and harassment. According to the document, which will come into force in July 2018, based on sexual relations of the Swedes will be the so-called “principle of consent”.

The reason for adopting the new law became a heated debate on the subject of sexism and sexual violence that unfolded in the Swedish society. Association of feminists and some human rights advocates have expressed hope that the women at the legislative level were more strictly protected from attempts to likening them to sexual contact.

In response to these demands, the ruling coalition of social Democrats and the green party initiated the adoption by the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) of the new law.

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Verbal confirmation or “consent by action”

If you explain its essence in simple words, it is the following. To date, the law is considered an act of sexual abuse actions, following after the woman at least once uttered the word “no.”

July 2018 this word need not be. The law now regards as an act of sexual abuse any action that the woman did not come to a solid agreement.

Thus, the Swedish man, or the citizen of any other country who wants to engage in sexual contact with a woman in Sweden must obtain her Express consent to the sex. The law specifically stated that it applies to “all types of sexual contacts”.

Parliamentarians clarify that under the clear consent refers not only to the words. Man may not to obtain oral consent, if the partner (or partner) “clearly indicates their consent to sex by means of action.”

The Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan löfven commented, “the Law of consent”: “You should get a simple message from someone you want to have sex. If this is not the case, you should leave it. Sex should be voluntary”.

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Sex with wife — a case of increased risk?

Despite the fact that the law aims to change lives for the better by protecting potential victims of sexual assault in Sweden there were many skeptics.

For example, it is not clear what can be regarded as “consent by action”? If a woman is in the throes of passion begins to tear the clothes themselves and with men, and then suddenly said: “Wait, what do we do now?” — is it possible in this case to believe that she was the victim of sexual harassment? And if a woman agreed actions, but did not say “Yes” and after everything has already happened, suddenly regretted it and decided to go to the police, whether the man be considered a rapist?

Important point: under the act, and subject to the couple. So Swedish fans to diversify their family life through role-playing, you have to be careful in the new realities it will be easy to play to the criminal case, if you have something angry to your other half.

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Sexism on the contrary

Critics of the law say that in recent years in Sweden rampant “sexism on the contrary,” men very often lose their jobs over accusations of harassment by the ladies. It often happens that no objective evidence of such accusations are not backed up, but the leaders, given the current trends, I prefer to get rid of the accused of “sexual aggression”. Swedish ladies are increasingly so uncomplicated by clearing his way up the career ladder.

The Swedish Collegium of advocates claim that even today the police are forced to deal with the whole shaft of the allegations of sexual abuse, and a significant part of the cases are complaints of ladies who, according to them, was subjected to aggression a few years ago. The evidence in this at all, however, the investigation of such cases has been delayed for months.

Notary on call

And in the new realities of police of Sweden and are not able to investigate any other cases except cases of sexual violence. “Adults know that does not happen in reality, such that partners directly so took and agreed before each sexual contact,” he told reporters in the Swedish bar Association.

But since July of 2018 will have to negotiate if there is no desire to spend the next few years behind bars and earn the stigma of a rapist for the rest of my life.

The most snide, the Swedes have already made the offer: whenever you want to sleep with his wife, it is better to invite a notary, that the spouse has issued its written consent. So, perhaps, will be more reliable.

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