Too unreliable: the German authorities doubt the “Nord stream – 2”

The German Federal network Agency Bundesnetzagentur has refused to include in the perspective plan, five projects related to the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. The Agency regards these projects as “too unreliable.”

Five projects related to the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, are not credible, the Federal network Agency Bundesnetzagentur. The Agency found them unreliable and has not brought in the plan of development of the gas transportation network in Germany until 2026.

“Five projects related to the expansion of the “Nord stream – 2″, according to network Agency of Germany, is still too unreliable”, — TASS quoted the Agency”s statement.

According to experts, these projects should bring in the document after the permission for the extension of the project will be obtained.

As stated in a statement on Wednesday, Bundesnetzagentur press release approved input 822,6 of kilometers of new pipelines and 429 MW of compressor capacity for the sum of 3,9 billion Euro. It was planned that the network operators will build a pipeline worth $ 4.5 billion, but the construction of five projects was rejected “due to uncertainty”.

As reported earlier, “MK”, the expansion of the U.S. sanctions against Russia questioned the “Nord stream-2”. The United States plans to oppose the construction of the pipeline to lend a helping hand to Ukraine. A neighboring country may lose the possibility of transit of Russian gas and the income from it.

The adoption of unilateral restrictions in the United States has caused excitement on the European continent. In the construction of “Nord stream-2” involved the European oil and gas giants such as Shell, OMV and others who have already invested in the project a lot of money. The construction of the pipeline is estimated at 10 billion euros, the fifth part of them is already spent.

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