Tour of four jumps: who jumps from Russia

Very few people will undertake to predict the winner of the famous “Tour of four jumps”, sometimes it’s the leader of the first stages of the world Cup, sometimes ahead of an unknown athlete as Austrian Thomas Diethart a few years ago. Only one winner was able to win all 4 stages — it was a German jumper Sven Hannawald.

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The current 66-e “Tour of four jumps”, but still less than 2 months before the Olympic games, can also spring surprises.

Who will be the winner? Now leading the German Richard Freitag to the delight of the German fans on the first two stages of German? Maybe Stefan Kraft will find the strength? Or last year’s winner, Olympic champion Sochi pole Kamil Stoch?

A week ago, the organizers announced that almost all the tickets for the Tour sold out, especially on German stages, apparently waiting for the results of the season, the German team give the local fans optimism.

Last year of Russians are pleased with the performance of Evgeniy Klimov, under extremely difficult weather conditions Eugene was not confused and deservedly won the bronze medal in Innsbruck, for the first time for many years Soviet and Russian history of ski jumping.

The head coach of Russian national team Alexander Arefiev today named the final composition of the Russian national team for participation in Tour: Evgeniy Klimov, Dmitry Vasiliev, Denis Kornilov, Mikhail Nazarov and Alexei Romashov. Better than all season in the Russian team was Denis Kornilov, but as we know “Tour of four jumps” is full of surprises.

The program of competitions:

Friday, December 29 – Oberstdorf

15:00: official training

16:30: qualification

Saturday, December 30 – Oberstdorf

14:30: practice round

16:30: competition

Sunday, 31 December – Garmisch-Partenkirchen

11:45 am: official training

14:00: qualification

Monday, January 1 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

12:30 PM: trial round

14:00: competition

Wednesday, January 3 – Innsbruck

11:45 am: official training

14:00: qualification

Thursday, January 4, Innsbruck

12:30 PM: trial round

14:00: competition

Friday, January 5 – Bischofshofen

15:00: official training

17:00: qualifications

Friday, January 6 – Bischofshofen

15:30 trial round

17:00: competition

The Top 3 Tour-2016/17


1. Stefan Kraft (Austria)

2. Kamil Stoch (Poland)

3. Michael Haibeck (Austria)


1. Daniel Andre Tanda (Norway)

2. Kamil Stoch (Poland)

3. Stefan Kraft (Austria)


1. Daniel Andre Tanda (Norway)

2. Robert Johansson (Norway)

3. Evgeny Klimov (Russia)


1. Kamil Stoch (Poland)

2. Michael Haibeck (Austria)

3. Peter Zhila (Poland)

Overall rating

1. Kamil Stoch (Poland)

2. Peter Zhila (Poland)

3. Daniel Andre Tanda (Norway)

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