Track from the “Frigate”. Expert opinion about the real problems of the space industry

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Vice-Premier of RF government Dmitry Rogozin said that the rocket was prepared for launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome. While it started from the Vostochny space centre, which began its work not so long ago. And this event caused a serious disappointment, because the management of the space industry had high hopes that Russia will enter the trouble-free years. The experts also on this account their opinion. For example, Ivan Moiseyev is sure that the reliability of carrier rockets in the country world average is not very low, but emergency you may call it.

As explained the reason for the fall of the “Frigate” with the satellites?

“If you look at average statistics, accidents are likely to occur with the new technology, which only tested. We, on the contrary, all accidents occur with the equipment repeatedly and successfully flew. And the accident that occurred with the block “the Frigate” — he flew about a hundred times successfully, so the crash was accidental. The exception is some overlap in the corners happened which was not foreseen in the algorithm, developed in 1998, 20 years ago.

Moreover, this algorithm documentation will not interfere. It flew fine, but so to touch it was impossible. Now corners can be pure coincidence, founded 20 years ago,” he told media.

Roscosmos confirms

As you can see, the opinion of an expert coincides with the conclusions articulated by the Board of Roscosmos. If we talk about errors, they appeared not today and at least 10 years ago. About them back then was saying all the same Dmitry Rogozin, who always played a special role in discussions about the directions of development of domestic Astronautics. In addition to this, there were other painful accidents, for example, with “Proton”.

“They are the biggest and the most expensive. But the frequency of their occurrence is not so great. Proton flies since 1965, and he must have very high reliability, for example, that demonstrated by modern missiles, which are not accidents for decades. The decrease in reliability related to errors that are inherent even in the old days,” says Moses.

Why the carrier rocket “proton-M” did not run during the year?

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Changed reasons

Today also changed and the causes of accidents. Early problems were mainly happening because of ending manufacturing defects. However, this problem was solved by the introduction of the necessary disciplines on domestic space enterprises. Indirectly this is indicated by the launch, where the missile and the launch site worked 100%. This is still an accident and an explosion.

“When accidents become loud and be noticed the highest authorities, the reform of the industry. It may be successful, but the results we can see only a few years. After a period of production of the machine is 5-7 years, respectively, and the results of the reform, we will see not soon. The situation is difficult, and in space there were many crises. Lost time requires money and time. In addition, you require solutions that go beyond the activities of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”. Laws on space today and those that have insufficient quality. The state Corporation “Roscosmos” no set top tasks that help to preserve the legacy of Soviet times for the population,” says Ivan Moiseev.

It can boast of the Russian space industry?

In addition, the reduced share allocated to the space resources. But the requirements for inspections, and so there is no number, only grow.

“Accordingly, system errors are not in the work of the state Corporation “Roscosmos” as such. Perhaps this structure have already done some of their own mistakes, but because of nedelitelnost of its existence, they clearly failed to acquire a systemic nature,” — says Moses.

The way out can be a solution to such issues as, for example, legislative support for space activities, which today has a lot of problems. Because of this, it may not work as effectively as many would like.

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