Trump denounced the “destabilizing” Russia’s actions in Eastern Europe

Donald trump ahead of the meeting with Vladimir Putin criticized the “destabilizing” Russia’s actions in Europe. Under them it says Radio Liberty meant “annexation” of Crimea and support for militias in the Donbass

Donald trump and Andrzej Duda

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The President of the United States Donald trump condemned the “destabilizing” Russia’s actions in Eastern Europe. He stated this during a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, reports Sky News.

By this phrase policies, as explained by Radio Liberty, meant “annexation” of Crimea, as well as the support of the Moscow militia in the Donbass. To address this situation, the United States, as trump added, working together with Poland. The head of The United States, according to Sky News, in contrast, praised as “not only a great friend [the United States], but a really important ally”. At the moment there, he reminded, there are about 900 U.S. military experts, who, according to the American leader, ready to confront potential threats from Russia in Eastern Europe.

Andrzej Duda trump, according to the channel, also praised for “exceeding” the required contribution of Poland to NATO. “We see ourselves as loyal partners [USA], cooperating [with them] on a number of issues, including on security issues,” — said the President of Poland, noting that it “feels”: the United States is “serious about security of Poland.”

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After the press conference, July 6, as explained by the TV channel, trump needs to go to Hamburg to the G20 summit. There are, as expected, on Friday, July 7, held his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While earlier, the US Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Washington has no understanding of what is at the moment the Moscow line against the United States.

“The Kremlin is also no understanding,” is answered in turn in the Kremlin. The journalists, like the correspondent of RBC told the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov. “It’s such a reciprocity, therefore, we expect all of the first meeting of the two presidents”, — he added, explaining that only the heads of state “will be able to personally share their thoughts on topical issues.”

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“Get to know and understand the true approach to bilateral relationship, not one that is” — said Peskov also the question of whether the impact statement of the American leader of “destabilizing actions” of Russia in Europe to negotiate. “We with such approach do not agree”, — concluded the official representative of the presidential administration of Russia.

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