Trump recalled the right of pardon on the background of the process of relations with Russia

Donald trump was reminded of the ability to pardon convicts on the background investigation of Russian interference in the elections of the United States. Earlier, the WP reported that the politician was trying to learn more about their powers in this area

Donald Trump

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The President of the United States Donald trump reminded that he has a “right to pardon” of the convicted. About this, as noted by Reuters, the head of the United States wrote on his Twitter page amid reports about the investigation of possible Russian interference in American elections.

“All agree that the US President has full authority to pardon,” he said, without specifying whom he has in mind. “Then why think about it when the only crime is the leak against us. About the news,” concluded the American leader.

These comments, as noted by Reuters, increase the likelihood that trump is considering in this case all the options, if the investigation is about “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections will not end the way he hoped.

These messages, as explained by the Agency, most likely, was written in response to the material of the newspaper The Washington Post, which earlier, on July 21 reported that trump and his team of lawyers have studied the powers of the President assistants of the head of States, members of his family and perhaps even himself, if as a result of judicial proceedings of either of them will get sued.

In addition, Twitter, trump commented on the article The Washington Post devoted to discussions of US attorney General Jeff sessions and Roman and at that time, Russian diplomatic representative in the United States Sergei Kislyak. About her he said how about the “leak of intelligence information”.

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