Trump said about the attempts of Ukraine to sabotage his campaign

The President of the United States accused Ukraine of sabotaging his campaign and support Hillary Clinton, and the acting Director of the FBI in obtaining money from her

Donald Trump

(Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

The US President Donald trump called on to investigate the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, which, in the opinion of the presidential administration, supported the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. About this American leader wrote on Twitter.

“Ukraine’s attempts to sabotage the campaign of trump, “a silent work on the growth rating Clinton.” So where is the investigation, the attorney General,” — said trump.

“Attorney General Jeff Senss took a very weak stance against the crimes of Clinton (her e-mail and servers of the National Committee of the democratic party) and to the sources of the leaks of intelligence information,” he added. He also accused the acting head of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe in receiving money from Hillary Clinton’s “wife”.

“The problem is that the acting head of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe, responsible for the investigation of crimes Hillary has received $700 thousand from H. (Hillary. — RBC) for a wife,” he wrote.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders on July 13 said there was “collusion” between Kiev and the National Committee of the Democratic party (NCDP). Sanders referred to the correspondent of the newspaper the New York Times to Twitter, where it was spoken about cooperation of the Ukrainian authorities and the Democrats to discredit trump. For the first time about it wrote to Politico in January 2017. The article said that the consultant Committee met with representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington “in an attempt to expose the connection between the trump adviser to his campaign, Paul Manafort and Russia.” The publication wrote that these contacts influenced the course of the race and led to the resignation of Manafort.

The Committee members of the Democratic party and former members of staff of the Clinton deny ties with the Ukrainian government, reported NBC. The official representative NCDP Adrian Watson called the allegations false. Research Director of the democratic party Lauren Dillon denied “any contact with foreign governments, including with Ukraine.”

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