“Unbreakable Union”. What would have made the Soviet Republic apart?

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On the world map, a state, changed the entire course of world history.

The country, which nobody won

How logical the creation of the Soviet Union was useful to the wreckage of the Russian Empire, says Michael Weller, writer, philosopher.

Scored his sovereignty

– Immediately after the king’s abdication and the accession of the “anarcho-democracy”, the Russian Empire fell apart. Turkestan, Transcaucasia, Ukraine, Finland declared independence. The Baltic States, which was at that time under German occupation, were not going to return to the Russian Empire. And in 1917, when occurred the October revolution, and after the Civil war began, he formed an interesting Alliance: the Bolshevik government, and fallen away from the former Empire’s outskirts. Bustling suburbs resisted in the struggle for independence the White movement with its principle of “United and indivisible Russia”. Possibly The the Bolsheviks supported national separatists in their fight, putting forward the slogan “the Right of peoples to self-determination”. And the military support of the red Army is not the supply of English boots and rifles in white, this help serious. So natsokrainy red and finished white on both sides.

Submarines and aircraft. What got the Soviet regime from tsarist Russia?

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And then the process took the opposite direction – the the Bolsheviks began to gather former Empire together! We, the people of the XXI century, it is difficult to imagine how in 1918-1920 close was the world revolution. In the North of Iran then came the Persian (Golanska) Soviet Republic at its head stood the Commissioner, Yakov blumkin, Soviet citizen, security officer, intelligence officer, a great adventurer, the murderer, the German Ambassador Mirbach. Turkey, which the Soviet Russia helped with arms, money, specialists, and where comrade Frunze was practically the commander of the Turkish-Greek-British front, this new Turkey, led by Kemal Ataturk, expected to become another Soviet Republic. She has a red flag with a star (and Crescent). Therefore, Lenin and gave her kurskomu the agreement of two thirds of historical Armenia with mount Ararat. Doesn’t matter who owns what if tomorrow we all connect! There was another Hungarian, Bavarian, Irish Soviet Republic, in Italy occurred in Piedmont Soviet Republic. Everywhere blazing world by fire. Millions of people lived with the certainty that tomorrow the world will be Communist, Soviet.

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The Foundation for this Association was to become the Soviet Union in December 1922, the RSFSR, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Transcaucasian Republic formed a single country (the whole of Turkestan was included in the RSFSR as an Autonomous Republic in 1918). The Union was conceived not as a restored Russian Empire, but as a base of world revolution. The Union needed to boost the economy, to nachawati mountains of weapons, to raise fighters for the cause of communism throughout the world, and then to turn the globe into Samaroo the Republic of Soviets. No wonder the emblem of the Soviet Union represents not a map of the USSR, and the globe surrounded by sheaves, these sheaves entwined with a red ribbon, which reads “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”.

And Russian patriotism in the first 10-15 years of Soviet power was banned. In the Soviet Union we were all internationalists.

Pulled out of slavery

Changes have occurred in the first five years. By 1934, comrade Stalin achieved full power, thoroughly studied tested in the world and political strategies took a course on strengthening of the international weight of the Soviet Union. The dispensation of the world revolution is being strategically pushed.

But since 1919, Moscow was the headquarters of the Third international world international. The leaders of the Communist parties of all countries came to the USSR for training, lived in the hotel “Moscow” had a rest in sanatoria of the Crimea and Sochi, the Soviet received the money, they were treated by Soviet doctors in the Kremlin hospital. From here, from Moscow, was the leadership of the entire world Communist movement. Hence it was conducted, and exploration for the whole capitalist world through this international network. I must say that Soviet intelligence was brilliant. Just one example: all the technical documentation on the Manhattan project (US atomic bomb) was stolen by Soviet intelligence and transmitted to the Union. And there is already a group of Kurchatov, which included the best minds of the era – nuclear physicists Ioffe, Zeldovich, Khariton , etc., – created the Soviet atomic bomb.

The huntress for scalps. The story of a spy acquiring the secret of the atomic bomb

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Yes, the USSR was not created in order to bring happiness to everyone living in this man – suffice it to recall the dispossession of the peasants or the translation of the literature of the peoples of Central Asia from Arabic and Persian in the Cyrillic alphabet that had torn them from their national culture and history. The aim was quite different: world communism. And it is not hidden. “We will bury you,” promised Nikita Khrushchev to the West.

By the way

The number of regretting the collapse of the Soviet Union reached a maximum of 8 years.

The number of Russian citizens, who regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, slowly, but rising according to the survey “Levada-center”. If in 2012, there were 49%, in 2016, the collapse of the Soviet Union was perceived as the tragedy of 56%, and in 2017, 58% of the respondents expressed regret at the collapse of the Soviet Union. 52% believe that the collapse of the USSR could have been avoided. 54% as a negative result of the collapse point “the destruction of a single economic system,” while 34%, “people have lost the sense of belonging to a great power”.

But according to the objective laws of creation and functioning of large States (great state everywhere and always amassing weapons) over time is the rise of arts and Sciences, improving the quality of life. Because big government has the ability to accumulate large funds to invest in science, culture, medicine, education, and not only in the weapon or the administration.

Yes, the USSR had its own specifics. Russian man in the street has become worse than under the tsars, and farmers to концу1930-ies were reduced to such a servile state, which was not, perhaps, from the time of Empress Catherine II. But the Asian and the Northern suburbs began to live better. And the peoples of Turkestan (which in the XIX century continued to be in the middle Ages, from whom they took only half a century before the revolution the Russian troops generals Kaufman and Chernyaev) was freed from actual slavery to their bais. In Soviet Turkestan was no longer working medieval laws and for debt was not planted in the pit and beaten with whips in the squares. In these republics began to arise, the economy as something similar to the modern, open schools and hospitals for all. And the small peoples of the North created a written language and literature.

And political power of the Soviet state reached its maximum. Tsarist Russia, for all its success with huge loans (partly due to the repayment which she entered the First world war), with a monstrous corruption (which has become one of the causes of the revolution), this Czarist Russia is unlikely to be left in space, defeated in a terrible war, the world has created a hydrogen bomb. It is unlikely that she would be one of the two superpowers of the world. Yes, under a more humane system, people would live more comfortable. But everything in this world has its pros and its cons.

What was the weakness of the USSR?

What “bombs” were incorporated into the Soviet Union, says Leonid Reshetnikov, candidate of historical Sciences, General-Lieutenant SVR in resignation.

“Smoothed out” millions of innocent

President Putin called the October revolution a national tragedy. A state formed in the aftermath of a national tragedy, can not be stable.

The Soviet Union was based by the suppression of one part of the population, the other part. This bloody Civil war, dispossession of kulaks and collectivization of the peasantry. And, as they said, cleaning companies from “alien class elements”. Then came the concept of “enemy of the people”. View archives – who were kept in camps, most of whom were shot? The majority of ordinary workers, farmers, teachers, engineers, doctors.

Unexpected inevitability. Historians on the causes and results of the October 1917

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A lot of talk about the success of Stalin spent industrialization. Yes, it has enabled the country to stand on its feet. But you have to understand that in that time there was neither financial nor labor, nor intelligent provision for the construction of plants. The Stalingrad tractor plant was completely built in the United States, 102 ships unmounted and transported to the USSR. “Dniproges” was built by American Cooper Engineering Company. Gorky automobile plant (GAS) – Austin. For 10 years the Americans built in the USSR 150 factories and workshops. There were thousands of Western engineers and highly skilled workers. It all came to us in exchange for grain, which is cleaned raked in the Russian villages, which famine killed millions of our compatriots, and of gold, which the population withdrew through the “Torgsin?”. So technological dependence on the West grew stronger it was under the Communists.

A separate story – the Great Patriotic war. In 1941, in six months we have allowed the enemy to the outskirts of Moscow. Given for 6 months had to fight for several years. But if the country was bled white by Civil war, famine, devastation, repression, that there would be such a tragic start of the war.

Space achievements of the USSR have its origins in pre-revolutionary Russia – a brilliant work of Vernadsky and Tsiolkovsky were published well before 1917, the Plan of the metro, the program of universal education, electrification of the whole country, etc. – all started 10-15 years before the October revolution. The legendary TRANS-Siberian railway – the longest railway road in the world – built before the revolution and without the help of labor camps for political prisoners.

“The channel of bones is a myth”. What price was constructed waterway Moscow-Volga?

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Suicidal economy

In Soviet times, was relaxed village where people worked but were not paid wages and could not freely move around the country until the mid-1960s, it is not Surprising that in the future the young people from there fled EN masse.

And remember “Ryazan miracle”? Local 1-St Secretary of the regional Committee Larionov has committed itself on meat. First scored all the cattle, then went to other areas and bought meat. Larionov was the star of the Hero of Labor, and when all was revealed, shot. Such a “suicidal” economy has led to the fact that in 1963 the Soviet people at night standing in line for bread. The Newspapers did not write about the riots of workers and peasants, for example, the workers ‘ strike in Novocherkassk in 1962, Then the price of meat products, the government raised a third. Also raised production quotas, and wages are left unchanged. To suppress the protests brought the army and tanks. 26 people were killed. Until the mid-1970s, the main principle of statehood in the Soviet Union was violence. And when these nuts are loosened, the state crumbled for some 15 years.

If not for the tragedy of 1917, we would now not 140 million people, and 500 million, and fully mastered the far East and Siberia.

In unity gained strength

The idea of social justice which underpinned the Soviet Union, was brilliantly realized in practice, according to the Deputy of the state Duma, the candidate in Presidents of Russia in 2004 Nikolay Kharitonov:

– The USSR has overcome the enormous backwardness of tsarist Russia, they provide people affordable and free health care and education, sanatorium-resort therapy. Any person could go anywhere in the vast country, even by plane, although the train – there was a terrible high cost of tickets. A ticket in a compartment car of my native Novosibirsk to Moscow was virtually any worth 28., and I received then as Director of the farm and 220 and even 270 RUB Kilowatt-hour of electricity, a litre of gasoline then does cost a penny.

The citizens of the Soviet Union was a clear life perspective. It was not superfluous rated, unnecessary people. If you have the head work and hands grow from the right place, if you’re not lazy – it means that normally arranged. And even if after school not to go to College, go to vocational school, get a useful specialty – from cooks to welders, from the crane to the combiner. Everything was done to the person is not lost in life. Because it was not in the USSR, such a shortage of personnel, as today, did not come to us millions of migrant workers.

“Communism is for us – the unknown”. That Komsomol members wrote 50 years ago

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I’m not talking about the rise of industry, about the great achievements of Soviet science, when the conditions are horrific devastation after the war we managed to build an atomic bomb. Even in war each scientific and technical area we have worked 3-4 design Bureau who competed with each other, and this resulted in the best airplanes, artillery systems, etc. without the Soviet Union, no Republic, which was part of the Union, would not be able to stand alone against Nazi Germany. They would simply be crushed.

Who ruined the Union?

Whatever may be said, in the USSR were literate national policy. Every nation was allowed to have their culture, language, to preserve their identity. Was true friendship of peoples, and cooperation. Each Republic contributed to the common pot of their own: who cotton who is the grain who is melons. It is then between us managed to stir up strife.

And how to work with youth? Was an elaborate system of public organizations, the Octobrists, pioneers, Komsomol. Teenagers do not Shiryaev, on gates place. Worked with dozens of groups, sections, and is then helped to choose a profession. The boys finished school almost Mature people, focused in life, in human values.

So for me, the Soviet Union was a model state. Good it was much more than bad. It is no coincidence that countries in Europe we have looked-looked and also began to unite. So appeared on the map of the European Union, and the Soviet Union collapsed. Why? The main reason, in my opinion, that has created this state of true the Bolsheviks, convinced his ideas. And in the 90s batch was, but the real the Bolsheviks had already left.

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