Unexpected gifts for March 8: Russian women – Russian spirits

In anticipation of March 8 the majority of men tormented by the question: what to give his woman flowers, candy, a beautiful gold ring? According to experts, most eventually buy perfume or cosmetics.

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Despite the difficult economic situation, the market of perfumery and cosmetics in Russia does not give up, and even on the contrary, improved. And let the population became more thoughtful and rational approach to shopping, frankly, not of the first necessity, the rpm market is rapidly growing. That’s only sustainable this growth can not be named. In 2016 the market volume was about $8,73 billion, which is 2.2% less compared with year 2015, says a senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrov.

The expert believes that in 2017, the sector could grow by 2-4% in annual terms, however, the official data for last year yet. “A demand-based cosmetics, as an ornamental, and nursery. The most rapidly growing segment was and remains the sector”s skin care — it “weighs” about $1.9 billion, but the sector of cosmetics is noticeably smaller, its capacity is approximately $1.4 billion,” — said Bodrov.

The ratio in the sector of perfumery and cosmetics similar to the following: 25% is domestic production, the rest — import, she continued, stressing that in this case a quarter of the market is a big win for the sector.

Note that the Russians have become more scrupulous in their approach to their spending. Part of consumers due to falling incomes have moved to more affordable products, while others are waiting for promotions and special offers. But there are also those who are faithful to the quality and brand of goods of class “luxury”. Still women are reluctant to move from luxury cosmetics to the mass-market.

In the segment of cheap cosmetics (200 virtually any), according to the Russian perfumery-cosmetic Association (CCA), our country produces about 60% of production and imported about 40%. In the segment of more expensive cosmetics of Russian products is extremely small: no more than 5-10%. Although the domestic cosmetics are competitive, it is badly advertised.

The main importers of high-quality perfume — France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Korea.

According to experts, in our country recently, a new trend — “organic cosmetics”. “More and more buyers try to choose products made from natural ingredients and not harmful to the environment, — noted the first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. Including changed and gender category of buyers: percentage of men willing to buy cosmetic products is slowly growing”.

It is clear that the truly natural and environmentally friendly products and the price tag will be appropriate. “Production costs of such a product is very large, output it will cost 150-300% higher than its counterpart from the world of available of chemistry, said Bodrov. — In Russia is rather narrow consumer group for this product”.

A significant part of the cosmetic market — imports and ingredients, so to speak about import substitution industry so far, said Paul Siegel. The Ministry is developing a Strategy for the development of cosmetics market of Russia until 2030, which will determine the most promising direction of development of the industry.

Experts warn those who select gifts for Women’s day, so they stay away from semi manufacturers, especially those making cosmetics at home. Be careful with untested online shopping, do not buy in pedestrian crossings and markets.

“First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the packaging, advises the President of the direct selling Association Tamara Shokareva. — High-quality perfumes can not be bottled in cheap bottles. Check if all letters in the name of the spirits correspond to the original name listed on the website of the manufacturer. Often fakes one or two letters different from the original. The letters themselves, regardless of their size, should be clear. There should be the “wrong” color or “floated” colors. And be sure when buying ask the seller is there a warranty on the quality of the product? Ie, if you discover some problem (e.g., bad spray bottle), will you be able to exchange this item or get a refund?”.

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