Video fight — is already half the loss. How to resist the aggression of dogs

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In the suburbs, something terrible happened to the “dog story”. A pack of dogs killed a 19-year-old young man who was trying to protect the girl. She also went to the hospital with lacerations from bites. Great response to this story gave Yuri Loza, as the victim — the husband of his niece.

This caused a new wave of discussion: how is it that on the streets (especially not in big cities) accumulate packs of dogs? What if the man was alone with this stray dog?

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Aify went to a specialist to comment on this situation and advise what to do in such a situation.

Anna Shubkina, candidate of biological Sciences, senior researcher of Institute of problems of ecology and evolution them. Severtsov Russian Academy of Sciences, works with dogs and wolves:

We don’t know all the circumstances of the incident and are unable to make accurate conclusions. But the usual pack of stray dogs can not tear the average man to death. This should be done only specially trained dogs and giants like Caucasian or Central Asian shepherds. It is wrong to explain such cases and the hunger dogs in the city and suburbs for animals, excess feed and shelter. So they are here and settle down. The problem largely created by ourselves. We rarely keep large dogs: remember, 20 years ago, we were able to see the whole company of lovers who walked its not small Pets. As it may seem paradoxical, they defended the city from packs of wild dogs. Animals live by their own laws, and they did not go into this foreign territory for them. Now big dogs are driven out of the city, the void is the pack. Single solution there’s no question that in each territory it needs to be handled differently. Some places can be used radical measures, including the destruction of aggressive dogs. Somewhere the solution is castration and the organization of shelters. However, it is known that sometimes they turn into a proforma and become a means of profit.

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Since most of us — citizens, we have lost the skills of proper interaction with animals in General and dogs in particular. And the way you conduct yourself in an attack dog or a whole pack, depends very much. I would say that the correct behavior is half the battle. Crucial motor skills: if your movement is insecurity or fear, the animal understands. This may provoke him to aggression. In such cases it is necessary to move confidently, freely, standing tall. The step should be sharp, better — solid or even fluid. It is not necessary to meet the dog, move parallel to it. You can say: “Go away!” But to say it needs low, confident and commanding voice. The dog must feel that you dominate that you are the boss.

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To bring the matter to a direct fight with the animal — it is half to lose. If the dog jumped on you, you need to put in front of her left hand, and even better — the bag if it is. The right hand should be beaten with force that the animal was a shock, that it can be scary. Stick can help, but she needs to be able to use it, and it will turn out far not at all. In our experience, and we work with the big dogs and wolves, are unexpectedly effective plastic items: a five-liter canister of water, a bucket or even cover from it. Impact their animals to react unexpectedly strongly, as it gives them a shock. Perhaps because such plastic objects that resonate when struck.

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