Viktor Gerashchenko: the policeman of our family nationality for the whole life changed

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Shortly before our meeting, Victor V. excited the public a public appeal to Vladimir Putin, asking the President to solve the issue… pension. It was a surprise. Had to ask for the former chief banker to visit to learn everything firsthand. Aify remembers that conversation.

Tatyana Ulanova, Aiphe: Victor Vladimirovich, nearly burst into tears yesterday because of you.

Viktor Gerashchenko: What is it?

— I have read your letters to Putin, so it’s a pity you’ve become!

There is a pension of more than 100 thousand?

— What letter?

— Yes, on the extra charge to pension.

— Ah! So it’s not allowance and state pensions, the former personal. The people who occupied for a certain period of high government positions, including Chairman of the USSR state Bank and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, it must be assigned depending on the salary that they receive, and be paid from the budget of the country. But GB and CB has always been on self-financing, as a result of its former executives dropped from the list. At some point, by order of President Putin, it was determined that the Central Bank itself will pay ex-presidents of the state pensions. However, senior officials of the Bank decided to do it at the expense of the Pension Fund. I explained to them that the decision is wrong and it is necessary to pay still due to the Bank funds.

No matter what my salary… I just want to me the law was done well.

Viktor Gerashchenko

— By publishing his letter to Putin, you’ve probably imagined what anger will cause most people: “wow! The former chief banker of the country, and humiliated, as if his bread is not enough”. In fact, you’re still getting a salary and a retirement pension…

— I do not grovel. In their messages, the President is constantly talking about the prevalence of the laws, and he, it turns out, they were not performing. I have no problems, I do not kill with kvass water, but please do not someone else’s, and his own. And no matter what my salary is, whether there are savings from work abroad and the Chairman of the Central Bank… I just want to me the law was done well.

— The President really offended?

— Yes, you! I know he’s a busy man, he had no time. Although before becoming Director of the FSB, he worked in the Main control Directorate of the office of the President that oversaw the execution of decrees and orders.

Vladimir Putin and Victor Gerashchenko. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Rodionov

— I believe you even going to apply for the head of the country in the Strasbourg court?

— After consulting with the lawyers and the judge that reviewed my complaint possible, I said in some interview that if the matter is not resolved, I will have to apply to the European court of human rights. The first year lasts already for this confusion, and things are there.

I’m not some Lyapkin-Tyapkin — the order “For merits before Fatherland” is awarded

And after all that you went into politics?!

— You mean the Duma? (In December 2003 Viktor Gerashchenko became the Deputy of the state Duma on the Federal list of electoral Association “Rodina”, but after six months, leading the Board of Directors NK “YUKOS”, resigned from his Deputy duties. — Ed.) Well, what kind of policy! This is primarily legislative work. Although associated with economic, social policy.

I used to act according to laws and not according to the rules of Dating, which I know will be asked — he will not refuse.

Viktor Gerashchenko

But after the resignation from the post of Chairman of the CBR you could find a job and more money, and, sorry, more decent.

— Proposals were. But for some time I was on pause, you might say, rested from the difficult life that had me at the Central Bank since 1991: the collapse of the Union, clashes with the authorities, black Tuesday, etc. When received an offer to help the new political bloc “Rodina”, decided: why not? To work in a commercial Bank would have been boring. Moreover, offering me a job, the owners likely would have made a bet on using my lobbying opportunities. But I used to act according to laws and not according to the rules of Dating, which I know will be asked — he will not refuse. The Deputy position at that time was unknown to me, it was interesting to cook in it. Although you are right: the salary of the Deputy is not comparable with the salary of a banker. Unless, of course, not to use their status as deputies to lobby for someone or something for a bribe, not to sell the Duma license plates commercial companies…

As a common man to earn a pension of 60 thousand virtually any?

— And yet you perceive the situation with state pensions, as the injustice to you as hypocrisy?

I’m stubborn, tends to get his way. Sad that the question to decide which, speaking in Russian, two fingers …, we have solved more than two years and all, sorry to the one place… And I’m not some kind of Lyapkin-Tyapkin, still the order “For merits before Fatherland” is awarded.

Often you had to deal with such injustice?


— What to do in a situation when you know I’m right, and you continue to ridicule?

— To strive, to seek, to find and not to surrender. In my case, continue to prove that decision wrong.

— You once said that the stubbornness of those of your qualities that prevent and helps…

In most cases, it still helps. If that’s not the goat”s stubbornness. Although I must admit, there are times: you hit and do not want to concede.

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Just say: “Fool! What do you suggest?” and people understand the joke

— You are inimitable anecdotical. Does this mean that you are a funny guy, a Joker?

— I do not know where such a rumor. If you for no reason at all ask me now to tell a joke, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you. In the same conversation on a specific topic easy to remember suitable occasion humorous story, story. Sometimes, by the way, it helps in complex negotiations, even with foreigners. Direct text to say: “Fool! What do you suggest? We do not fit”, — it is impossible, the anecdote of the “Radio Yerevan” people usually understand. Even if it offended. My sense of humor developed from childhood. Father was a very intelligent man, could get a sharp word…

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— The sense of humour inherent only smart?

— Basically — Yes. And not necessarily a lot of reading (although I years prior to 1989 read voraciously, but switched to gosdolzhnosti, free time does not remain), with a good education. Just man must be thinking. Remember Chernomyrdin about his mother said: it is, in fact, silent woman, but as you say — then the whole village is discussing.

I think you to think of life very easy…

— Try not too worry even for very sad reasons. In any complex, sometimes unpleasant situation has its advantages that you have something to teach. In short, I am an optimist.

If the party in power is going to make laws just because she is considered to be such, it would end badly.

Viktor Gerashchenko

And nothing makes you pessimistic today?

— Causes, of course.

— What’s going on in the Duma?

— Partly. The impetus to agree to chair the Board of Directors of “Yukos” despite the difficult situation in the company, was the understanding that in the Duma, I do nothing. How can you give the fractions of three minutes on discussion of the Housing code, which applies to all citizens of the country? Yes, it has been discussed for 10 years, but it is not visible! And, if the party in power is going to make laws just because she is considered to be such, it would end badly.

From the Luggage to the “tramp cats.” Who churns out strange laws?

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Absolute certainty that everything will be fine, no

— And for the future children and grandchildren don’t care?

— It seems to be there. And Tanya and Kostya educated, working. They took place, have their own families. I have 4 grandchildren, normal or adult boys. Although absolute certainty that everything will be fine, of course not. Today it is easy to stay without work, without money. A big problem with housing. Most young people even a small apartment not buy.

I do think that if a woman chose a traditional women’s profession like a doctor or a teacher, the best profession for her accountant.

Viktor Gerashchenko

— Well, you daughter bought the apartment, the son of the house was built. Certainly helped universities to go and work and then arranged.

— Not quite. When we lived in Lebanon when our Embassy was the village school type: four classes — two teachers. Looking at them, she already six years old decided he would become an elementary school teacher. Carried this desire to grade 10 and entered the Pedagogical Institute named after Lenin. She liked to work with children, she has a gift. But soon gave birth to. And the husband — soldier. Money is not enough. Of course, my wife helped. However, the daughter had graduated from accounting courses and are now successfully working in an insurance company. I do think that if a woman chose a traditional women’s profession like a doctor or a teacher, the best profession for her accountant. Accountants are needed everywhere and always. And if you possess such traits as punctuality and accuracy (as any normal woman should have), the best works.

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— A son?

— Kostya enrolled in the Institute of Economics and statistics at the faculty of “Operation of machines”, but was drafted into the army and he served two years in the North in the marine corps. After graduation worked in a Bank by profession. And then at my suggestion, has moved into a commercial Bank to know the credit business. I will not hide, to work it took a man with whom I was familiar for decades.

— That is, to get to a good place without protection is impossible?

— What’s your last name… of Course, if in company with your comrades, open jobs, you can recommend their children. But they still take with a trial period. The protection from above is often used by people of poor talent.

The Chairman of the Board of the USSR state Bank, Viktor V. Gerashchenko, 1991 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Oleg Lastochkin

Two years in Germany and five in Singapore I was without a family

You father was a banker brought up in severity, did not indulge…

— While studying in financial Institute, I didn’t get the scholarship, as he was from a wealthy family, and the father gave me every month the same amount that they received my fellow students: 22 virtually any. Of course, I could ask him for an extra roundabout, and he gave. But still I was taught to live within your means.

— What were you father, when the children were growing up.

I mainly worked abroad, so children were brought up by my wife, Nina, for which I am very grateful. Special problems or daughter or son was delivered. Yes, they always had pocket money for ice cream, a movie was normal clothes. But magnacca? “Washed” jeans or “unwashed”? I think Kostya and Tanya is little worried.

— Nina, too, the economist?

Yes. We were on the same thread, albeit in different groups. At the end of first year I decided that I need to get acquainted with a pretty girl. But Nina summer went to the virgin lands, and I because of the increased the age of 14 pressure remained. Besides, at this time in Moscow took place the youth festival sports and games, I really wanted to see them.

— Fond of sports?

With 14 years of playing basketball. First for the society “Pishevik”, I lived in the area of metro station “Savelovskaya” and spent much time in the stadium next to the factory “Freedom” — then stood for the Institute team. After returning from the virgin, Nina also went in for sports. So close, although I had a long way to go, with dedication and perseverance.

— You that, did she?

She was a beautiful girl. Interesting, enviable. In addition, the social worker. The Cavaliers had plenty, not only from our, but also from other universities. Had to prove that my intentions are sincere.

Viktor Gerashchenko and his wife Nina. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Vyatkin


— It turns out that for a successful career of her husband, and parenting Nina became a housewife? In any case, it probably didn’t work?

— Why? The last few years, it is, of course, was more involved in her grandchildren. Not once after graduating from high school. But in England, for example, while the daughter was in kindergarten, my wife worked half a day as an accountant.

— I remember with nostalgia those days in the everyday sense of life “out there” is dramatically different from the one that was here?

Of course, overseas pay more. After 3-4 years people can buy a car, to improve their living conditions; some haggling clothes, appliances… Although in life there are minuses. For example, two years in Germany and then five — in Singapore I was without a family. In Frankfurt there was not a kindergarten, nor school. In Singapore too, there was nothing, and even to bring the family back you had to pay a lot of money. Therefore, in Germany the wife came to see me twice a year: winter and summer. But from Singapore and I regularly flew to Moscow on business.

The book “the Life and strange surprising adventures of the banker Victor Gerashchenko, the son of a banker, Vladimir Gerashchenko, told by himself, his friends and colleagues, carefully listened to and recorded by the chronicler N. Krotov”. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Valery Melnikov

“Congratulations, you have a little girl! Where’s the other one?”

— How was the fate of your brothers and sisters, you’ve five?

Yes. Older sisters are also twins.

— Why is this?

— And my brother and him are twins. All four were born in Leningrad. The third time the mother had given birth in Moscow: in the hospital they. Krupskaya on Forest street. Father, apparently, did not doubt that there will be two more, and when the next day the nurse told him that a girl, habitually asked: “where’s the other?”

One sister worked at the Institute of scientific and technical information. The other one was public health officer. The youngest — the critic in the Grabar Institute. One satirist Mikhail Zadornov suggested “Grabar” for 30 thousand dollars. I advised him to contact the sister, and she gave a summary: “It’s not even a copy. And not even a copy of his disciples.”

Brother Roofing after military service he worked first as a mechanic, then as a taxi driver. Been all the time in the garage. Often for the repairs they paid him in kind: he, of course, drinking. The result put the liver and in 1985 went to the other world.

When I just started, I specially kept, were not allowed to grow rapidly, so that no one could not dared that I move because of dad.

Viktor Gerashchenko

— So, you are the only one who followed in the footsteps of his father, known in the West banker, and has achieved great heights?

— People seems that my career, thanks to his father, was very easy: I started with an accountant, has grown to the chief banker of the country. It was my dad’s last name, by the way, especially in the beginning, I even prevented. By the way, you know that we really don’t Gerashchenko, and Gerasenkov? At the time, the police officer incorrectly wrote the name in the passport of the father. Like a trifle, but the nationality of us for the whole life changed. So, when I just started, I specially kept, were not allowed to grow rapidly, so that no one could not dared that I move because of dad. Such was the psychology of people: just in case. I’m abroad for the first time six months went by accident. People knew that I was gagging, and openly asked my bosses: “Can I Gerashchenko to England to practice?” “Why not?” — unexpectedly agreed te.

Lament for the Soviet deposits

— Not if you were clamped, that the father was expelled from the party?

— No, No. I say the same — was holding just in case… And his father was expelled in 1958 for nothing. He built in the suburbs a cottage on their 12 acres. Big money was not, — after all in the family seven people — and they decided to bring the logs from the village Akulina Galichskoe district, Kostroma region, where she lived and worked all his life as a teacher of my mother’s sister. In places houses were built two-storey. Second floor father was dismantled and converted his cottage. Then they needed heat sinks, which at that time could not buy. The father came to the state Bank, where he worked as the first Deputy Chairman: “Guys, the radiators are? Write down 10 pieces”. He wrote out a check for payment. And then it turned out that he had bought at wholesale prices: at three virtually any less than retail. Father immediately accused of using his official position, he remembered that he had taken half of the house from the Kostroma region without permission, although the house helped to dismantle the whole village. The word hung on him all the dogs, was expelled from the Communist party. However, after six months understood: restored without losing the party time. But the father is terribly worried.

The father lived to be 90 years partly because the time left the civil service. A good example for me!

Viktor Gerashchenko

— It is true that he advised you not to accept the position of Chairman of the state Bank?

— I didn’t ask him, but he did say: “Why do you need it? Now you’re the first Deputy Chairman of Vneshtorgbank, worked abroad, and still going…” By the way, in 1954, he Georgy Malenkov asked his father to accept the position of Chairman of the state Bank. But my father consulted my mother and she reacted the same way many years later — he: “Why do you need it?!” The father did not act on the principle “listen to the woman and do the opposite”, but simply resigned. In recent years he has taught in the Finance Academy, was head of Department, Professor. And lived to 90 years in part because the time left the civil service. A good example for me!

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