Viktor Khristenko: “In Golf, everything depends on the girls”

The President of the Russian Golf Association (AGR) is a well-known politician Victor Khristenko has summed up the expiring year and awarded the best athletes. Grants AGR received the first player of the national team, Nina Pegova, the champion of Russia-2017 Sofya Anokhina and today the most decorated golfer in the Junior category Natalia Guseva.

From left to right: the champion of Russia-2017 Sofya Anokhina, head coach of the Junior team of Russia Dmitry Zakharov and the player “dream team” Natalia Gusev.

Again, everything depends on the girls, I’m ashamed, — said Victor Borisovich. — Pegova became a full-fledged player on the European tour thanks to the results of this year; Natasha Guseva worked wonders and Spain plowed up and down. Sofya Anokhina nicely shows the colors of our flag, won 5 international tournaments and became the champion of Russia. Generally, 10 prizes juniors say that our idea of creating a “dream team” was correct, and next year the best Junior (over 12 people) are going on a training camp in Spain. A serious claim that on the European championship in 2018 Russia will be able to speak with dignity. And guys let looking at the ladies, too, tightened.

Today the school Golf involved 90 schools from 19 regions. A trial run of the school League has already taken place. “We add in the financial and infrastructure plans, and understand how it will be”, — assured the head of AGR…

A year ago after a brilliant performance at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro’s Verchenova Golf in Russia made a significant jump in popularity. What we see a year later?

— I will give an example, — said Khristenko. — Not so long ago saw the light of the series of the popular cartoon, dedicated to Golf. And soon he scored 60 million views. Heroes, the bear and the girl, to the super-elite well does not belong. And recently, the country conducted a sociological study on the subject of relations to Golf in Russia. The vast majority believes that this is an expensive sport. But 80 percent said that this sport is accessible for all ages. And it’s true! About 3 percent said that at least once in a lifetime out on the field in mini-Golf or even a large. And this is about 3-4 million people. And 6 percent admitted that playing Golf on smartphones. But since we live in a digital age, try to learn the reverse process: pull Golf from “the numbers” in real life.

Khristenko expressed hope that Nina Pegova December 2018 will actively begin to set points in the Olympic ranking for selection for the Games in 2020 in Tokyo; at the individual TH next year our players will be able to repeat previous achievements and even to improve them, exceeding the indicators of the “top 50” and in the European Young Masters championship, where he will play the “dream team”, is to be in the top ten. Juniors the last three seasons only improve the results: 23 th place in 2015 to 14th in the past year.

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