Volleyball, European championship: Russia defeated Turkey in Bulgaria

His first match for the first ever championship of Europe among girls under 16 years of Russia’s team in Samokov, Bulgaria won the team of Turkey (3:2).

photo: Alexey Lebedev

The head coach of Russian national team Svetlana Safronova (left) and head of the team Valentina Ivanova watching the game rivals in the group.

Samokov is a place of amazing. Less than 30-thousand town located at an altitude of almost 1000 m above sea level (very close, by the way, the ski center Borovets), was the most economically developed in the whole of Bulgaria. Almost since its founding in the Middle ages – blame the mine.

Then they gradually went into decline, the iron ore ran out. However, for the environment is the only benefit. But now the main centre, speaking rough language travel guides, potato production in the country. Local pride in his potatoes, not less, probably, than the Belarusians, the match which, by the way, there is the national team of Russia today, July 22.

This will be the second game for both teams in the championship of Europe among girls till 16 years – a first in history: the first meeting of the girls not a stone was left from the Czech Republic 3:0. And our team, which was the basis of girls from Kazan school of the legendary Ekaterina Gamova, losing Turkey – 1:2, still managed to win in five games.

The head coach of the Russian team Svetlana Safronova is no stranger to take Europe two times she led the team girls of 1998-1999 years of birth to the “gold” (in the “U18” – that is to say to 18, and then – in the category “U19”). But so nervous of the matches even in the career of Svetlana, the Olympic champion-1980 (still under her maiden name badulina), there were not many…

– The first match on the first girls ‘ championship of Europe – the excitement is natural?

. The first game is at all hard, and even at that age… some Official meetings they have had on the fingers: only qualifying for this tournament, and that they were at home, in Anapa. There’s something like home atmosphere. Abroad played only friendly matches.

– And what food for thought gave a debut? What insights do?

– The conclusion is simple: we need to play more of this team in international matches. Experience it otherwise did not get. But in General – well, that won. Survived! So still more positive emotions. And the game segments were good, though there were some failures. But this is volleyball. Children’s volleyball…

– In General what do you feel from the start of the tournament? Level be expected?

– Looked at all our group matches, playing in Samokov. That is to say: the level is decent. Belgium, Romania good teams, but they, like our team, however, only showed, I think. The excitement, the nerves… Today (Saturday – A. L.) will all be a little different to play, you’ll see.

…Recall: today, our opponent is Belarus. Beginning at 17.30. According to tradition – keeping fingers crossed!

Volleyball. The European championship among girls under 16 years of age. Bulgaria. The 1st tour. Group “I” (Sofia). Denmark – Greece – 3:1. Italy – Bulgaria – 3:1. The Netherlands – Finland – 3:0. Group “II” (Samokov). Romania – Belgium – 3:1. Belarus – Czechia – 3:0. Russia – Turkey – 3:2.

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