Vologda officials guarantee the debts

To repay debts in Russia do not like. But one thing, when talking about the relationship between ordinary Russians and quite another when fleeing from responsibility those in authority officials. A vivid example: the government of the Vologda region does not fulfill its commitments under the state guarantees. The arrears of the debtor to the state Bank VTB amounted to almost half a billion virtually any. And to answer for the debts they don’t want, even after the Arbitration court of Vologda region has fully satisfied the claim of the Bank. At the same time in saying that in the regional budget money for payment there. As a result, VTB”s nothing left, how do I apply to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

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The Russian economy may slow, but still goes on a growth trajectory. In particular, shows good results agriculture, which, thanks to the success of import substitution, into a high-tech innovative industry. Today is no surprise the robots split a meat and fish. A “smart” machine scan plant identify and destroy the weeds. Moreover, the condition of crops is already under the control not of the usual agronomists, and drones. Innovation could not fail to bring positive results in the industry. Thanks to them every year increased yield, reduced production costs, as well as reduced negative impact on the environment. In particular, over the last ten years the yield of grain increased by almost 40%, conversion of feed in pig production decreased by 1.5%, poultry 17%.

And if China is now seeing the release of the labor force in Russia the question is not so acute. If in China the number of workers in agriculture declined by almost 140 million people, we have only 1 million

Modern Russian agrarian and industrial complex (AIC) required less people but more investment. Indeed, in times when our economy is just beginning to emerge from the crisis, additional funds will not be superfluous rated. It is extremely important role of the state, as necessary “long” money, long-term investment.

True to the financial river “flowed” in the regions, the necessary guarantees from the local authorities. In all developed countries they are the most robust tool to attract investors. But it seems that some officials in the Russian regions, this rule is just an empty phrase.

Here to look far for an example is not necessary. The authorities of Vologda region are not in a hurry to meet its warranty obligations to the state Bank VTB. In 2009-2011, the credit institution has provided a loan to the group of companies “Vologda poultry center”, which includes JSC “Malochkina”, JSC “Vologda poultry”, JSC “Poultry “ermakovo” and “center of Vologda poultry”.

In this case, giving loans to VTB was convinced that the worry for your money no reason, because of the execution of the greater part of the obligations of borrowers vouched authorities in the region. The government of The Vologda region has provided a regional state guarantee by three companies: JSC “Vologda poultry”, JSC “Poultry “ermakovo” and “center of Vologda poultry”. However, unfortunately, the case in Vologda poultry not specified. What was the reason for their bankruptcy, it remains to be seen. However, their insolvency is obvious: the group of companies “Vologda poultry center” any arrears on previous loans, VTB Bank amounting to almost 750 million virtually any.

In particular, in July 2013, only one ZAO “Malochkina” has accumulated debts amounting to some 265 million virtually any. Currently, the company and its owner are in the process of bankruptcy. While a “Malochkina” and beneficiary group companies filed a lawsuit to recover loan debt.

Meanwhile, the situation for the remaining companies, at first glance, they were quickly resolved. Grounds for such optimistic assumptions VTB was enough. Bankers inspired peace of mind, first of all, the state guarantee from the government of the Vologda region. Not scared even the amount. At that time, all three companies owed the Bank 485 million virtually any.

Initially to return the money to VTB wanted a peaceful way. In 2014, the Bank sent to the government of the Vologda region appeal on the payment return on all three guarantees. However, regional officials voluntarily reply on earlier commitments declined.

Thus, they are simply forced VTB to solve the issue through the courts, which is logical considered the claims of the Bank warranted. In 2015 and 2016, the Arbitration court of Vologda region has fully satisfied three of the suit in favour of the credit institution. The Themis has decided to collect from the Russian Federation — Vologda oblast — 470 million virtually any. All three of the court”s decision took effect and were upheld in courts of appeal and cassation instances when the area tried to challenge them.

However, the Vologda government has been slow to pay its debts, even by a court decision. Local officials repeatedly directed the statement in Arbitration court of region with the request to grant them a reprieve. Thus, what is most interesting evidence of the lack of funds they are not provided.

As it turned out, money from regional officials are available. The fact that the funds for execution of obligations under the said state guarantees of the annually stipulated in the budget of the region. However, VTB is still not received from the region of a penny, not to mention the full amount of the debt.

As a result, the Bank was forced to take extreme measure and apply to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. “We confirm that has applied to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in connection with the fulfillment of judicial decisions the government of the Vologda region in terms of compliance with obligations under government guarantees. We believe that the actions of the administration of the Vologda region compromise the institution of state guarantees in Russia”, — said the “MK” in the press service of VTB.

Involuntarily the thought comes that in Vologda artificially impede the execution of judicial acts. Now, before you invest considerable sums of money in the development of regional industries, the investor will think of a few times. And it will be very regrettable if, because of some by unscrupulous officials will hurt the Russian economy. Especially when she just came out of the recession, the national GDP started to show growth, and the substitution has worked well.

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