VTSIOM said the amount of allowing the Russians to live in dignity

To not just live but to live with dignity, the average Russian citizen requires an income of 40 thousand virtually any per month. To such conclusion employees of VTsIOM polls of residents of Russian regions on the eve of the New year.

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This year in the pre-questionnaire, respondents were asked to answer the question how much money must earn one person in the family to ensure a decent standard of living.

According to General Director VTsIOM Valery Fedorov, on average, the Russians have virtually any 404 39 thousand per person per month. Respondents with higher education called the average amount of 45 thousand virtually any. In Moscow and St.-Petersburg traditionally requests several above – the inhabitants of these cities have 56 thousand 634 of the ruble, said Fedorov.

According to the head of service, ten years ago, answering a similar question, respondents said the amount of 30 thousand virtually any 457. “Thus, despite all the crises, rises, rising inflation and its fall, the figure has increased by no more than a quarter,” — said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that the Russians began to feel more happy in comparison with pre-crisis times. “We can say that adaptation to new conditions has occurred and our people are able to feel not because of, but in spite of”, – commented the results of the study by Fedorov. His main problems respondents still consider low salaries, pensions and unemployment.

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