Weinstein handed the baton to sports: she accused the coach of the harassment

17-year-old biathlete Anna — until the first of the local athletes who accused their coach of sexual harassment in the present tense. It was a gymnast Olga Korbut, Olympic champion of 1972, but she remembered how “forced into action by his trainer, Renauld Knish” at the age of 17 — just before Games-1972 in Munich, won. Federation USA gymnastics at home accused in the fact that it covers many years of systematic harassment of trainers for young gymnasts, meanwhile showing good results. “MK” has learned opinion on this score sports psychologists, active young athletes and their coaches.

Meanwhile, five years ago, a close adult athletes complained that in the domestic championship for the old Soviet tradition of athletes at training camps and before competitions, “hold on celibacy” (sexual abstinence) that the sex didn’t steal to win power. Indeed, our athletes were not allowed any liberties and they were jealous of the Western colleagues, mentors which are believed that regular sexual life is necessary to improve results. So the American trainers, is now charged with harassment, claimed his players gymnasts that their actions “are needed to better understand their physical capabilities and more efficient to organize the training”.

West “frivolity” was justified by the performance at the starts, and many secretly was inclined to believe that sex great sport not only will not spoil, but may be even better. In recent years, in recognition of the athletes and coaches in our great sport there was a slight sex-thaw.

Ex-hockey player, now an analyst Valeriy Saltykov, believes that “the lack of good sex causes substantial harm to the results in sport of high achievements. No matter, the results would be in weightlifting or, for example, in chess.”

Valeriy Saltykov emphasizes that its conclusions are supported by many years of observations, sports and psychoanalytic experience. Says that many athletes believe sex before competition the best tool performance. But warns against “sex shaman”:

– It is good sexual intercourse is able to provide a burst of adrenaline and if we time it right, you can successfully do this just before trying to achieve maximum results in any sport. Sex can stimulate, and how! It’s good that not yet removed samples for sex drugs!

However, the hockey player-the analyst is sure that the number and usefulness of sex in the sport should be determined by the sexologist individually for each athlete based on any sport, and his personal sexual Constitution and temperament:

– And if you need more responsiveness, precision and calm composure (football, hockey, biathlon), better even a little sex too much — then the athlete will not be distracted by thoughts like that, that allows him to stay calm and collected.

Sports psychologist Irina Ozerskaya recognizes the benefits of sexual discharge for athletic performance, but stressed that it should not go on the juvenile athletes:

– Coach in professional sport is often a strict father and kind mother, and affectionate grandmother. It is very difficult to understand where is the line — especially when the child says about some “touching” or “massage”. If it is, say, the gymnastics, of course, such touching will. And sorry if foolish child denigrates coach just because he’s sick of exercise, it gets tired, reduces performance, the coach scolds, and parents demand to new heights… it Is, alas, too often happens. But to tarnish very quickly, and then wash off for a very long time, and osadochek still remain. Of course, each case must be dealt with separately. And it would be very unfortunate if the case of “sports harassment” is the sequel to the so-called “Harvey Weinstein” – that is, a way of being heard and to Express themselves. But not sports results, and sporty scandals.

Ask the girl – the master of sports in gymnastics. Now for her sport in the past, but all the childhood she spent in the sports boarding school, and the youth at the camp.

– We have been very strict, not cupids. After a workout, soaking wet swimsuit squeeze and fall. There was no time — training, competitions, collecting. But that’s because every minute was precious for the sport, most of our girls to the sex issues are treated easily. If in a short period of free time managed to pick up decent guy, none of the gymnasts did not break for months, as home girl was once. Therefore, in the area where we were training, and it was rumored that athletes, like, lustful. No, we are just quick as in sport. No time for long novels twist: if we like each other, why not sleep? We understand that sex is the same physical activity, relieves stress. About the coaches to us, they molested, I do not remember. But the girls tried to “glue” the coach for any concessions, this happens all the time.

I questioned the coaches of women’s teams from different sports admitted that, unlike mentors men, they usually want their wards were “paired”.

– Mature athlete, which has no sex life, can affect their own performance, nervousness, mood swings and hormonal irregular, told me a senior judo coach. Usually this is reflected in the moods that are brought to a white heat in the first place of the coach.

The coaches of the “old guard” admit that I have been trying to provide their students high-quality “pollination”, sometimes even their own — often benefit the young hopes of big-time sports are in love with their stern, but fair mentors. Of course, it was only about adult athletes. But now all in the past: in the big sports settled great fear. The fact that there are so many and not a sports competition: the athletes fighting for the medals, coaches and sport officials are fighting for a warm place under the sun. Therefore, high scores and gold, like Oscar, to harassment and blackmail, alas, one step.

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