“We’re old, but not sick!” How to live buranovskie babushki deprived brand?

“Because people are waiting,” say the artist and agree to perform for free. © /

Tatyana Ulanova

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Party for everybody! Dance! Come on and dance!*

First there was the euphoria. Homeland met them as heroines.

— Wanted secretly in Buranovo to return — but where there! — says Galina Konev. — From the plane it was impossible to go all out on the tarmac. Halfway to the village, the people stood with flags and perepechai (Udmurt cheesecakes with different fillings. — Ed.). They sing, roar. We roar. Nobody thought about winning. Village! As much As Moscow we asked the sandals and antique dresses to remove. But it’s national clothes from the chests, attics. And we old.

The youngest team in the 49-year-old artistic Director Olga Toktarev working with the grandmothers for a quarter century. They are all as on selection of “antique”: the eldest 81 years old. Half large. Each has its share. Valentina Petchenko circular saw cut off part of the hands — so she left and adapted to plant a vegetable garden, and rugs to weave. Ekaterina Shklyaeva broke her hip. Got out of the hospital and continue to sing. A few women moved cancer. “All recovered, the real ones”, — says Olga.

Who knew Buranovo? Like near the capital of Udmurtia, and roads, you never were. Gas is only in half of the houses. Electrical poles collapsing. After the success of grandparents on the Eurovision song contest problems as the magic decided. The school received the help of the DC restored. Double-buranovskiye died down on the vast international festival.

Buranovskie… grandfather. In the village of Buranovo creativity busy absolutely everything

Today, just as 125 years ago, in Buranova nearly 700 residents, and it looks like a normal village.

— No! — smiles Olga Toktarev. — “Grandmother” is not born in a vacuum. There have always been intellectuals. School, hospital, library in the village opened one of the first in Udmurtia. Teachers worked priests. Including father Gregory Vereshchagin — ethnographer, educator. In 1927, he was deprived of the clergy, nearly shot. The villagers hid the priest in the woods. The Church was closed. But in 1939, yet here I baptized my mom and Galina Konev parties ordinances climbed into the Church through the window.

After the war the temple was destroyed. And in the twenty-first century grandmothers had dreams to restore it. But there was no money.

— Suddenly a rich man asked us to sing the Udmurt songs of Tsoi and Grebenshchikov, — remembers Valentine Patchinko. — Olga them translated, we recorded a CD. From that fee all began.

A prayer at the construction site of Holy Trinity Church in the village of Buranovo. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Konstantin Ivshin

And for a good cause, has the Lord sent to them meeting the great Zykina. Its Director, izhevchane Ksenia Rubtsova, brought grandmothers in Moscow. They are fascinated by Ludmila. Rubtsov became their producer. But two years after the “Eurovision” contract ended, and grandmothers have changed for professionals.

We happened to see them on the Internet, — says Galina Konev. — It was very painful…

— Former producer forbids us to sing and spread the songs partially recorded at its money! — outraged Valentine, Petchenko.

Sing-grandmother. “Buranovskie grandmother” conquer the world and build the temple

— We toured, and she says that grandmothers are old, sick, can not ride, — complains Granite Baysarov. — About the new singers said that they were on “Eurovision” was in a Church building. And they are here and never was. And Rubtsov scored a brand for themselves. We don’t mind that the band performed. Let them sing, dance. If only mud had poured.

Today, the team that won the Eurovision song contest, is called “Grandma of Baranova”. And people love them, maybe even more than before.

— People know who is who — sure, Granite Baysarov. — Greeted cautiously: real? And see us and thaw out. About the new team talk: the audience will understand that grandmother’s “fake”, and left.

“Grandmother” woke people. In the Udmurt Republic like mushrooms after the rain rose folk groups. The youth returned to the club put on plays. The farm earned. And glisten in the sun the Golden domes: it has been two years in the Holy Trinity Church services are being held.

Is money still needed — going through Alevtina Begisheva. — Cracks on walls have gone, the doors need to be changed — cold in winter. I want a house for singles at the Church to arrange. The refectory started with a guest room so people can have a place to sleep. Yet at put. On the mattresses.

After grandma became famous in Boranova had his own Souvenirs. Photo: AiF/ Tatiana Ulanova

Kiralam zhon-zhon-zhon*

50 million invested in infrastructure, could develop the village — POPs out because of the unusual for the village of tall fence designer Alexander Pilin, bought the merchant’s house opposite the Palace of culture Larionov. I came here with a mission to raise the village. Said let’s sell products, boots! I even won the air Baranowski preserved. It was possible to make a cultural center, a petting zoo, market. But nothing local. The audience we have with grandparents is different. Those who go to them, they don’t come to me. And Vice versa. Ugly, ridiculous — they are simply a product of PR.

Palin participates in exhibitions, lectures abroad. In his house you can see the black square of worn socks, “to hear” anthem lowered the pants and to buy a stylish rug from felt in the form of records. But he is a Westerner, grandmother — Slavophiles. And they find it difficult to understand each other.

— Flocks here of the crowd — the warmth will go, — said Alevtina Begisheva.

The Udmurts have a saying: go not escaping, back plates in the middle of not miss — sums up Olga Toktarev. — A temple to build, to contain it — here’s our plan.

*The material used line in English and Udmurt languages of songs from “buranovskie grandmother” won the “Eurovision song contest”:

Party for all! Dance! Let’s dance!

— Sing loudly-loudly.

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