Wernbloom sleep, criscito takes the autographs of: how to rest players in the Premier League

There was once a joke: “I Like warm beer and sweaty women? No? Then I will go in vacation in the winter.” But the players have no choice: they always leave in the winter. No, in summer, of course, also happens, but sometimes the world Cup, the European championship will prevent, if they are wrong. But financial capabilities of the players allow you to arrange a warm beer, even in the middle of December.

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Pontus Wernbloom

Accustomed to the cold weather, the Swede flew to bask in Emirates, which turns the exercise bike, playing with children, taking pictures of his wife Nina in the background the sea. But to refuse beauty to the wife wanting to go Christmas shopping, he could not. However, like any man, he immediately fell asleep, waiting for SMS about write-off of money from the account.

Domenico Criscito

The Italian preferred to stay in Dubai. Especially in the UAE to 16 December was held the club world Cup, and had the opportunity to catch newly minted five-time winner of the “Golden ball” Cristiano Ronaldo. Criscito did not fail to use the opportunity and his sons Alfredo and Alessandro got the rare opportunity to hold a memorable photo with the soccer genius and his autograph on the shirt.

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Yuri Zhirkov

“Vacation has begun. Usually the wife adapts to my schedule, but now I seem to. Today we went to the Kremlin for a music award, but after a few hours, fly to Kaliningrad, where on November 14 will be shown…” — wrote Zhirkov on my Instagram. Footballer”s wife ina is the owner of the Studio, and her own brand of clothing, and a jury decided to fulfill his conjugal duty and support the mother of his children in a fashion show.

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Glushakov, Shishkin, Kombarov

Join the fun, decided friends and a great company went to the Maldives.

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Pavel Mamaev

Packed 11 suitcases, the family Mamewah went to Paris. The question of followers on Instagram, why so much, the wife of Paul Alan explained that at first they showed the children to Disneyland Paris and then will travel to warm countries. Therefore, the closet for each family member, doubled. But despite the presence of many warm things, Mamayev at the Eiffel tower were “frozen” as written by Alan. Most likely, back they would be travelling with 12 suitcases, because the wife of Paul boasted a bunch of boxes from expensive jewelry brand which player gave it to the New year.

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Artem Rebrov

Receiving well-deserved award “Gentleman of the year”, the goalkeeper of “Spartak” went with the family on a trip to Europe. First Milan, then nice…

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Alexander Samedov

Could be no doubt where you will spend your vacation a player of “Spartacus.” Samedov loves Thailand and only in Thailand. This time Alexander tries Thai cuisine, together with Roman Pavlyuchenko.

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Sergei Ignashevich

“Said Sergei Semak, was photographed at the monument to the Japanese ideal of a woman. The monument of Hachiko was put during his lifetime. It is here that for 12 years the dog waited for his master. Now it is the most popular date spot in Tokyo,” wrote the wife of Sergey and Natasha in her Instagram. Wonder of Japan and its inhabitants Chet Ignashevicha went with the family of Sergei Semak, a former teammate Ignashevich, and now head coach of the “Ufa”.

photo: instagram.com

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