What to do with the doping scandal: “it’s Time to move on to the real trials”

Doping scandal around Russia like a smoldering fire. It seems that only the more wood, the flames will flare up with renewed vigor. And these “arsonists” are always.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Not had time to subside a storm of indignation about the way decide the fate of the Russian Paralympians, still do not know whether they will go at the Paralympic tournament in Pyeongchang and on what terms, how the clouds over the Russian athletes again thickened. Now the center of attention of the players, not for the first time, but this time FIFA articulates his position quite clearly.

The international football Federation has requested that WADA give priority to provide inspection results of doping tests Russian athletes from the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

Earlier in a world anti-doping Agency was the electronic database of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory with complete information on doping tests representatives of different sports for the period from January 2012 to August 2015. Thus for making individual decisions each Federation is required not only acquaintance with the documented data, but also the actual verification of the analyzed biomaterials or appropriate laboratory documentation. This procedure can be quite long, and issuance of findings in such circumstances (and it will be fine “live stage” international sports federations) will also be a matter. So one of the arguments in the FIFA giving priority to the outcome of the revalidation was the upcoming 2018 world Cup football in Russia.

Does this query FIFA new threat to Russia? This question of “MK” said a famous sports lawyer Artem Patsev:

— At the moment I don’t see any reason for concern, as it is unknown what is contained in the lab database. Why should there be something bad for our players? To talk about any negative consequences for the Russian players so far, and only on the basis of an application to FIFA about accelerating the provision of information, to put it mildly, premature.

Moreover, there is still no point in the cases of the disqualified Olympic athletes from our country. So, the anti-doping Commission of the International Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton (IBSF) has opposed even a temporary dismissal of Alexander Zubkov and Alexander Tretyakov (not to mention the use of sanctions) without cross-examination of Gregory Rodchenkov, and moreover, supported the arguments of lawyers of the Russian athletes who have sought protection of their rights in the court of arbitration for sport (CAS) and the ordinary courts.

“You have to appeal to the Convention on human rights. Each person has the right to an objective process in court, especially since here the stakes are high — often we are talking about Olympic medals or further the career of an athlete,” — said the Chairman of the anti-doping Commission IBSF Dolph Segaar.

According to him, a fair and equitable judicial solution is possible, if Rodchenkov personally will speak to the IOC, the CAS or the arbitrators before the anti-doping agencies international federations. Only this will allow us to determine the reliability and credibility of his testimony.

To Express an opinion on the situation agreed the deserved trainer of Russia, the sports doctor and resident expert, “MK” Igor ZAVYALOV:

— Certain recent developments in Russia led to the fact that we are now on the hook. It is necessary to recognize and not see what was happening in any disaster. Another thing is to defend the rights of the athletes from our country clearly needs. We hear from Mikhail Prokhorov that he was ready to help the struggle of our athletes. Maybe with this help, our athletes will be able to find the funds to defend their case in court.

It is time to move from talk to talk show to the real litigation. Only then can we demand compensation from WADA and the McLaren Commission for confiscated medals, missed starts, and incurred financial costs… But the servants of advocates, able to convincingly demonstrate, are expensive, much more expensive coaches and equipment. Can we just not “pull” such attorneys. Such a lot of money on it, not even from the state. What to do then? Need the help of sponsors. Yet of all financial powerful people, agreed to help only Prokhorov. And Yes — we need to fight in the courts and to denounce the accusers. We have been harmed. After all, even President Putin said he knows who to blame. Maybe screwed up and one of our… to Understand anyway. Even if they last a long time, the Olympics still a miss, so we must still sue. If things “fake”, they will fall apart. Maybe one of our lawyers who will take these cases for free. You can even organize a fundraiser, if lawyers do not have enough money. Athletes are the greatness of Russia. Gotta love them and believe in them, not to shout that “over the hill” we are under attack. I do not compare this situation with the troubles of health in the family. But for athletes it is a real tragedy. Why are only the tears of Olga Zaitseva…

We have foreign coaches. Nothing to be ashamed of and hire good lawyers for our athletes.

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