Where they teach to the exporter? Small businesses are waiting at the forum in Moscow

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Courses for startups

This year in Moscow is planned to open an online Academy for entrepreneurs. And next week will be held the forum of “Transformation 2. Exit abroad”.

All 20 thousand “tickets” on it dismantled like hotcakes. But in this case who did not, that was late: Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow is preparing a series of video courses for beginning entrepreneurs and those who only dream about own business. They will conduct a professional business trainers, and the themes they reveal the most popular, because the relationship with the business community, the Department established. Startups will be able to download these videos and not only learn them, but get tested it will help to Orient, what knowledge is still lacking.

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“Playground, which is earned at the end of last year, is our startup school, says head of the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship Alexei Fursin. – It was created for entrepreneurs, but mostly for those who only want to be with them. This five-day intensive course on the fundamentals of creating a business that allows you to go from professional coaches trained to then consciously proceed to the top of the business.”

He says that young entrepreneurs are waiting and seminars with representatives of the authorities, as well as trainings to promote their products on the international markets – of course, with the support of the Moscow government. Businessmen will even teach you how to use the world Cup to grow your business.

“All events regardless of format, free. We believe that investment in Moscow’s economy”, – said the head of the Department. According to him, last year training in the city specialized educational programs for business, there were 45 thousand entrepreneurs.

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More detailed

“Made in Moscow»

“We see the need for such programs. The second project, which for us is of great importance, is the export activity of our entrepreneurs in the program “Made in Moscow”, – said Alexei Fursin. – Open this week, school exporters – will be there to educate those entrepreneurs who are planning to take industrial exhibition in Hanover. There will usually be presented a collective stand of the Moscow enterprises”.

By the way, last year the city government has organized more than a thousand business meetings for entrepreneurs, and many of its participants, according to the head of the Department, has already signed contracts or reached the stage of signing.

How to start your own business in Moscow?

“It’s not just about deals with foreign partners, but also with the Russian companies, – says Alexei Fursin. – Because often it is the international exhibition is a convenient place for meetings, the Moscow authorities provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity.”

The program “Made in Moscow” is directly connected with the theme of the upcoming forum “Transforming 2. Exit abroad”, which will be held on 19 and 20 February at the Olympics.

The “first “Transformation” we held in 2017 – said the rector of business school “synergy” Gregory Avetov. – It was visited by 20 thousand participants. Of these, 100 were able to increase their profits by implementing those cases and technologies, which were told by the speakers. This year will present cases of successful Russian and foreign entrepreneurs – those that have managed to bring their products to international markets through exports.”

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