Who can buy bags of Premier League players deserve a raise

The first notable internal transfers in the winter break in the Russian Premier League has already happened — forward “Tosno” Anton Zabolotny has passed in “Zenith”. You can laugh at it, you can be happy, angry or jealous, but the forward was on the way, which in the vast majority of players desire from the regional clubs in the Premier League.

Eugene Markov (in the center) is the most effective player “Tosno” in the first part of the championship and one of the best scorers of the Premier League. Photo: fctosno.ru

Not always this course is for any player step up on the career ladder, because the examples when yesterday’s peripheral character sits heavily in the new club on the bench, are not rare. And the already mentioned “Zenith” to explicit confirmation, because the bench in this Polish not only 5-6 players of the national team of Russia, among which, by the way, and two strikers — Artem Dzyuba and Dmitry Poloz (Hello City), but also a fair number of Legionnaires remained without game practice.

The players understand is not difficult. The main pushing factor for them in this transition are not even tempting financial conditions, which can offer big clubs, and the opportunity to prove himself at a higher level, from which this athlete is very difficult to refuse. And rare examples such as the story of Dallaire kuziaev”s for a short period of time spent in the camp blue-white-blue, transformed from unknown young men into a team player and candidate for the national team, provide an opportunity to ask yourself the question: what have I done?

Alexey Safonov. Photo: zenitbol.ru

“MK” has decided to estimate which of the speakers not in the top clubs of Premier League players scored the highest number of whists in the first part of the championship and can qualify for an invitation to the Russian giants. Note that we are talking only about the players, not advocating the most ambitious clubs, so arguments about the progress of the “railroad” Mikhail Lysov or potentially promising future many of the young of the army will be discussed another time. For advice, we turned to resident expert “MK”, the famous football agent Alexei SAFONOV, which, as nobody knows at what point the player should go on increasing.

Alexander TASHAEV (“Dynamo”)

Position: model

Age: 23 years

Estimated transfer value: 1 000 000 € *

The expiry date of the contract: 30.06.2018

Alexander Tashaev. Photo: fcdynamo.ru

MK: Like all attacking Dynamo model spent the first part of the championship is unstable, but in a time when leaders in the organization attacking game white-blue — Samba Sow and Kirill Panchenko — were in the infirmary, Tashaev remained the ray of light that did not allow to fall into despair for Dynamo supporters. Custom game thinking, quick feet and a decent punch make Alexander in a serious threat to the opponent’s goal. One can only imagine what new faces will play the talent of the card, if the diamond be put in a frame of the more noble metal.

Safonov: the Player of a good level, although I think that fully open he does not allow delays with the contract extension, which expires next summer. I think that the Dynamo should be sure to solve all issues and keep his pupil in the team. If we are to talk about the transition into one of the leading clubs in the Premier League, then expect an instantaneous hit in the main part of Alexander is hardly necessary. In the remaining 10 rounds each price points will increase from match to match, the top five teams will be desperate to fight for medals and places in Euro cups… All the Tashaev not Ronaldo and not Messi, and hardly anyone of the coaches will decide on a risky experiment. But again, in Dynamo he is in his place. The price of this player you see today is from 1.5 to 2.5 million euros.

Sylvester Emeka IGBOUN (Ufa)

Position: striker

Age: 27 years

Estimated transfer value: 1 200 000 Euro

The expiry date of the contract: 30.06.2019

“MK”: Star Nigerian striker came to the Russian football the sky quite unexpectedly. Classic collision forward of the t-shirt which instead of the names in tribute to a childhood idol Sylvester Stallone is “sly”, was indispensable in the first part of the championship, played without replacements, all 19 matches. To achieve the best rate prevented the disqualification on 1 match 4 yellow cards.

On account of tactile striker 6 goals, against the background of the scoring achievements of the leaders in the race snipers in the Premier League, looks not outstanding result. But do not forget that the team Sergey Semak is not the goal scorers in the Premier League, used to attack not the most numerous group of players. The contribution of Sly in the team scoring, the fact speaks more to a different indicator than the absolute number of goals. On his account for almost a third of all goals hopefully goals. Virtually every goal brought team points: 3 of them were victorious, 1 has brought a draw and scored on departure “Spartaku” the ball helped the “Ufa” to save face and not admit your own defeat (1:3). Where’s the other one? In part, perhaps, best match in the first part of the championship — with “amkarom” — the striker scored twice.

The only Premier League club from among the leaders who are in dire need of a powerful striker, is CSKA. Aaron Alanara and could not justify the hopes assigned to him, and Viktor Gancharenko had to urgently go on Frank gamble with the translation of nominal at midfield Pontus Wernbloom at the point of attack. A couple of times this move can work, but not on a permanent basis. That clearly demonstrated the final break before the match with Spartak. Able to compete for the ball in the penalty area Igboun quite could become for the army a real lifesaver in the final part of the championship.

Safonov: Igboun is one of the most underrated and not so popular players in the League. His game, he leaves a very good impression. It is well equipped technically, is able to take the game on themselves. I think Nigerian would not get lost in any team of the Premier League. Could come and “the locomotive” and “Spartak” and “Zenith”, the score for which, you will agree, it is easier than with “Ufa”. He certainly would be CSKA, but CSKA is simply no money to buy it. In our market would rate it at least 3 million euros.

Evgeny CHERNOV (Tosno)

Position: defender

Age: 25 years

Estimated transfer value: 800 000 euros

The expiry date of the contract: 30.06.2018

Evgeny Chernov continues to progress under the leadership of Dmitry Parfenov and could be useful for Zenit. Photo: fctosno.ru

“MK”: fullbacks with attacking potential in modern football are perhaps the most scarce commodity. But if a player still has in hand the passport, then, in theory, it should be a queue of potential buyers. In conditions when even the giants of the Premier League periodically have to send to the edge of the attacking Midfielders (Samedov and Ignatiev in “Spartacus” and “Locomotive”, respectively), naturalizati foreigners (Fernandes to CSKA), then sent to the problematic position of the Central defenders (Djikia in “Spartacus”), the transfer value of the left extreme defender “Tosno” Evgenia Chernova, supposed to be insane. But the queue of those wishing to lure him to himself on the football fair is not observed.

Speaking for occupying a place in the danger zone team, which is also one of the most inefficient in the League, Eugene had written to his account for 3 assists. To understand: the head of the list raspasovschika of the Premier such programs in the 6. And they all, without exception, players of group of attack.

Safonov: a Good defender. If “Zenith” will drop some older players, then Eugene could be in the Petersburg club. And yet, in some teams he would come to court. The dynamics of growth is obvious, and we must pay tribute to Dmitry Parfenov, who brought Chernova to a new level. In “Tosno” defender of trust, he feels one of the team leaders, and will be able to settle down in a big club — we can only guess. In “Zenith” he was. I think the price of this protector should be somewhere in the area of 2-2,5 million euros.

Eugene MARKOV (Tosno)

Position: striker

Age: 23 years

Estimated transfer value: 400 000 euros

The expiry date of the contract: 30.06.2018

“MK”: is quite a paradoxical situation. If you conduct a survey among fans, asking them to answer, who is the leader of “Tosno”, the vast majority of calls already the player “Zenith” Zabolotny. Exactly Anton fans from tour to tour was recognized as the best player of the match, and Stanislav Cherchesov gave the status of candidate to the national team. And this despite the fact that the team of the Leningrad region Evgeny Markov, who, having played the game minutes almost half of the city and acting are not at the point of attack, and the position pull forward, scored twice, Anton. From Markov the highest average score from the fans, that he’s only a couple goals behind in the race snipers in the Premier League from Promesa, Kokorin and Smolov, never breaking from the penalty point. He is, after all, the most effective of the players “Tosno” in the system “goal+pass”.

Safonov: Not just because there are rumors about interest in Eugene from “Locomotive” and a number of clubs. Importantly, what will continue the formula of the limit on foreign players. Markov is not in place and progressing. I suppose he could fit in the game scheme of CSKA. The real price of this player should be around 2 million euros.

Dmitry STOCKI (Ufa)

Position: model

Age: 28 years

Estimated transfer value: 2 000 000 euros

The expiry date of the contract: 30.06.2021

Dmitry Stocki. Photo: fcufa.pro

“MK”: “Ufa” made to praise coach Semak, the mighty striker Sly, and contribution to the success of the team, who had gone into the winter break occupying an honorable 6th place, often remains underestimated. But Dmitry in the first part of the championship got in the symbolic team of “MK” and it became the only field player from a club that claimed their European ambitions. Almost none of the combinational attack of “Ufa” is complete without the participation Stotsky. It can be safely called the creative centre of the team, which hopefully from game to game add to game thinking and gradually moving away from extremely defensive and cautious football.

Safonov: stotskii — ready master, who himself did a lot of playing in the first League. He brought himself to the Premier League. Heard about the interest from CSKA. I think if the army decides to break up with Dzagoev or Golovin, Dmitry could be an adequate replacement.

But I would point out in “Ufa” not Stotsky, and young Ivan Oblakova, which, I confess, is the last time almost my favorite player in the Premier League. This is a very fine player, with the participation of which is organized quite a substantial part of the goals of the “Ufa”. Ivan is well trained, great running with the ball, he’s a potential player of the national team who, despite her young age, feels himself on the field very confident and relaxed. When you trust Sergei Semak, he adds with each game. Coaches of Premier League clubs in General should have more faith in young Russians, and not the pursuit of experienced foreign players. The price of Oblakova should be in the region of 3 million euros. It’s twice as expensive Stotsky, but he is just 19 years old, and Dmitry — 28.

* — the transfer value of players taken from reputable German website transfermarkt.de. The price of players in the domestic market can be much higher.

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