Who ruined the Union?

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Vladimir Fedorenko

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Vladimir Bortko, the Director, the Deputy of the state Duma

Of course, we remember that at the time broke up the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the British Empire and many others. But their decay is not going to any comparison with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse of The Soviet Union resulted in changes not only territorial but primarily ideological. The Union was the first and only country in the world, which is at least declared the idea that the man is not a wolf, and brother. Performed it or not is another question. But this setup was.

“Unbreakable Union”. What would have made the Soviet Republic apart?

The USSR built a new society. People are really United by a common idea. Why did it happen that this idea was unable to save the Soviet Empire from collapse? The main reason, in my opinion, in that the apex of Soviet power at some point ceased to follow the ideals that were laid in the Foundation of the state. The USSR was well protected from outside attack, but no one could not think that it will ruin their “priest-kings”. And who in the end is better off for it? Union republics? Maybe someone of them won something. But Russia definitely lost. It’s a fact! We had a powerful country, which ranked second in the world in all economic indicators. 20% of the global industry accounted for Soviet production. Now accounts for only 3%. The difference is huge! But the main thing is, and the fact that we were ahead of the world in terms of culture. The meaning of the whole ideology was to educate the new man.

The will of the people. How did the history of the USSR

Today we can only grieve for the lost Empire. But I believe that one day it will be resuscitated. Otherwise, simply can not. The collapse of The USSR is not just our personal pain, is a great loss to all mankind. And those who says that, say, the Union was the hated iron curtain, I want to ask 20 million people living today below the poverty line, is worth the price for open borders? Freedom of movement outweighs the free medicine and education we had? Any sane person will answer you in the negative.

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