Year the Moscow metro. Metropolitan government spoke about the development of subway

Sergey Vedyashkin

/ Agency city news “Moscow”

Discussion of the future prospects of the metro took place in the framework of the meeting of the Board of construction. “2018 may be called “year.”It is planned to build 21 metro station, about 50 kilometres of track and three depots. These figures are calculated, but generally strive for their increase,” — said Marat Khusnullin.

Wagon thing. Innovations in the Moscow metro in 2018

As noted by the head of the construction sector, today operate in the city, 27 of the tunnel boring shield. “The mayor took last year the decision on the metro development programme until 2025, inclusive. Therefore, we expect in the coming years to consistently design and build. Almost 95% of the city is covered by a network of underground”, — said the Deputy mayor.

Plans for the future

In 2019 according to plans will be launched Kozhukhovskaya metro line in its full form. Marat Khusnullin noted that the first phase — from the station “Kosino” to the station “Nekrasovka” — will be ready by autumn this year.

“We really worked technology the ability to run metro Kosino to Nekrasovka. Somewhere in August we’ll run it. From the station “Kosino” and “Aviamotornaya” will be finished in 2019, because the line was designed in such a way that you cannot run parts”, — said Marat Khusnullin.

The construction: in the construction industry in Moscow employs more than 400 thousand people

The opening of branches to the end will significantly improve transport accessibility for Muscovites living in the South-East of Moscow. With the help of the Kozhukhovskaya line, which is named “pink”, will be put together in 7 districts of Moscow. This means that their inhabitants have to travel in one direction will leave for 10-15 minutes less. In addition, this line will relieve the existing Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line.

The Moscow metro in recent years has received a serious impetus to the development. For the past 7 years, the city has built over 100 km of track and 56 stations of the subway, including the ICC. In addition, there were 6 new depots.

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