Young volleyball team won two more victories at the European championship

The first ever volleyball championship of Europe among girls under 16 years held in Bulgaria: in the capital Sofia and in the beautiful town of Samokov, in the mountains – at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.

photo: Alexey Lebedev

Svetlana Safronova.

Perhaps, the Russian national team, picked on the basis of the Kazan school of Ekaterina Gamova – the most famous of our volleyball players of the XXI century, too it is possible to say that it is on top in this tournament. In the group tournament (girls play as time in the mountains in Samokov), the team of Svetlana Safronova so far – three wins and only one defeat (and that on a tie-break, then 1 point is taken).

Wards Safronova, twice, by the way, already caused the Russian team, but only 1998-1999 to victory in the European Championships (in the category “U18” – that is, until 18 years of age, and then in the category “U19”), began with a win in Turkey in five games. Then in the deciding set lost against Belarus, which, however, “MK” already reported. And here further – more, happened confident wins over Czech Republic and Belgium – double-3:0.

Particularly good in these two meetings was the youngest player of our team (but it is already European champion in the category “up to 18”) 14-year-old Tatiana Kadochkina. Is she in the match against Czech that the game with the Belgian scored 18 points as the best contribution to the team piggy Bank! It is, perhaps, to note 4 a good block of Elizabeth Kokorinoj in the meeting with the Czech Republic.

One trip to the semi-finals already secured the national team of Belarus (4 wins), but for the second in their confrontation on Wednesday, July 26 at 15-00 Moscow time will begin to fight Russia and Romania, which are still, strictly speaking, only the Belarusian and inferior.

And on the eve before the game Romania – Belarus, I told our head coach that for the Romanians to hurt us more profitable then they don’t need to be in front of our opposition, and that means they can succumb. Safronova, myself great in the recent past, volleyball player (Olympic champion for a second), this talk I rejected: “By the need to win, not to watch that of the others.”

– In General, as the feeling is gaining momentum our team?

– Judging by the results – of course, and the game add girls. Still, at first you could really feel the excitement that prevented the volleyball players.

– Although it seems that they should be cohesive, because the majority here is Kazan school of Ekaterina Gamova…

– Yes, but just before they at such tournaments is not played. Psychology… Although progress is visible, the girls become a team. This is very important. But the coaching staff we have already established, that we understand each other perfectly: my assistants Luke Milocco and Alexander Kovalevsky, and the doctor Tatyana Golikova, and the therapist Olga Ushakova, head of the team Valentina Ivanova…

The decisive match for an exit from group the Russian team to play, let me remind you, against the Romanians. Of particular concern is a 14-room, light as a reed, but with a very powerful shot volleyball – Alexis Carutasu, gaining 22 points with Turkey and as many as 27 with Belarus. Their confrontation with our Tanya Kadochkina – a separate song. Decoration of the tournament…

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