“Zenit” won “Bnei Yehuda” in the third qualifying round of the Europa League online stream

After the Champions League on the green lawns of the Old world came the Europa League, and then the representation of Russia is slightly bigger. Participation in the third qualifying round take “Krasnodar” and “Zenith” and we didn’t go past the opposition blue-white-blue with the Israeli club “Bnei Yehuda”. All the details in our online broadcasting.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

ALL! “Zenith” wins “Bnei Yehuda” with the score 2:0 in the third qualifying round! Goals scored by Kokorin and criscito, and it’s a great application for the next round!

That’s all, dear friends, thank you for watching live with us and see you soon!

90+2` Three minutes added by the arbitrator.

90+1` Kokorin after a beautiful combination brought out with SUBCOM and Sasha did not disappoint, sending the ball into the near corner – 2:0!


86` Kissimmiee! Fired a great free kick Subas pulled!

83` Pushed blue-white-blue the game from the gate, a few minutes and was dreading it slightly.

80` happiness Again attempted Kokorin, but the former account.

76` the film came out instead of a Runner. So goals still waiting!

73` Zenit would not have prevented the second goal, and so it is possible to finish badly.

70` Another change from Mancini: Paredes instead of Zhirkov.

66` And now Javi Garcia in the center of attention, but the shot went too high.

63` Kokorin responded to feed Zhirkov, but his effort from a good position on the volley was not hit!

60` And again – the threat from standard! A canopy with penal, criscito broke away from defenders and into the near corner – 1:0!


58` out Driussi instead of juliao.

56` Another blow Erokhin, but the defender attentive.

53` Pressing will turn blue-white-blue, it is time for them to Wake up, really.

49` Ivanovic goes close with his head after the filing, Juliano”s corner wide.

46` the Second half – away we go!

Break! Not the most enchanting 45 minutes, but still: “Zenit” had advantage, but to the goals it was not possible. “Bnei Yehuda” looks much more modest, but your momentik is also created.

What’s next? Learn after 15 min rest.

45` In a rare attack out of the home team, but nothing more.

42` So quietly the end of the first half crept.

38` Gananayaka! This is darise! Lunev barely pulled the ball from a corner!

35` Juliano shot from the free kick, but the defender managed to block the blow.

33` “Bnei Yehuda” not really running, even in counter-attack.

29` more and more often “Zenit” approaching the gate of a stranger, which can not but rejoice. It seems that even the speed increased slightly.

25` Anyukov shot from outside the penalty area, Ivanovic was up a foot from the goalie – rod…

22` Oooooooh! Erokhin jumped above all in the penalty area, struck his head – Subas miraculously saved his team!

18` the Snake entered the box and shot weakly and straight into the goalkeeper”s hands.

16` the teams Exchanged fouls in midfield.

13` it’s interesting in the striker of the home team tried to outweigh it Luneva, but the ball went high.

10` it Should be noted that no forward descent did not run. All calmly, methodically and with great speeds.

7` Zhirkov is a pass on the Snake decided to hang in the penalty area – wide.

3` a Descent blue-white-blue took the ball under control, and now attack.

1` the Match is underway! Players “Zenith” played the ball in midfield, hopefully for the last time today – Poehali!

0` All the attention on the starting lineup blue-white-blue:

Zenit: Lunev, Anyukov, Neto, I., Criscito, Javi Garcia, Erokhin, Kokorin, Zhirkov, Snake, Juliano.

0` Hello-Hello ladies and gentlemen, big and small football fans! Welcome to the match of the Europa League, which will meet the “Bnei Yehuda” and “Zenith”! The players here will play, so start little by little we are!

CSKA Moscow successfully began the European season for the Russian clubs by defeating AEK in the Champions League, and now a word for the “Krasnodar” and “Zenith”.

Blue-white-blue today, will play in Israel against local club “Bnei Huda”. This team has struggled in the Europa League at the second qualifying round, where defeated “Tranchina”. The first match ended in a draw with the score 1:1, but in the second match the Israelis in his field was stronger with the score 2:0.

And today they also have to play in front of their fans. But, of course, the favorite is “Zenith”. Let the team just getting used to new head coach Roberto Mancini, but the season has already come and won two victories in the Russian football Premier League (RFPL).

How will actually in the match of the Europa League – will know very soon. “MK” will begin live online stream of this match exactly at 20:30 Moscow time!

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